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March Release Notes:  Bulk Edits, Advanced Filtering and more!

Easier Filters

ContractSafe Receives SOC 2 Type I Attestation


New ContractSafe features for June


Two new features to announce...Unique Tracking Numbers and Duplicating Records

Unique Tracking Numbers

Every contract page in ContractSafe has a...

Our latest improvements...

We're excited to announce a few big improvements to ContractSafe.

Faster Filtering/Sorting/Searching

We significantly upgraded the filtering,...

Multiple Choice and Notifications

We just launched two new features, suggested by customers.

Benefits of Cloud Based Contract Management Systems

Exciting ContractSafe Changes! Better/Faster/Easier

We are excited to announce some big changes.  Based on your feedback we have made ContractSafe even easier and faster to use.

High Level


Searching vs. Finding --Why OCR and the Right CMS Make a Difference

If you’ve ever searched your hard drive for something, you know just how long it can take to find what you actually need.  Searching and Finding...

Keep Track of Your Contract Deadlines!

The homeowners in San Francisco’s Presidio Terrace were lucky they won their street back after missing property tax deadlines for 14 years, but...

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