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What is our Bulk Upload service?

We can help you get your existing contracts and data into your account quickly, efficiently and with the organization of your design!

Our bulk upload service is how most of our clients get started with ContractSafe because we do the work for you! This is a complimentary service, which comes without limitations in terms of number of contracts, and will have your contracts uploaded and organized in no time. We can upload your existing documents and we can map your contract data from a spreadsheet to your ContractSafe account. Please read below for details on both options to help you choose the right path. 

Document Upload

In order to provide the documents to us we will need to provide you with a secured Google drive to upload your contracts, or, if you have them stored in a drive you can grant ContractSafe access to, we can download them from your location. 

If you have a specific folder structure you would like us to maintain, we can do that! You would need to upload the documents into the drive with the same folder organization that you intend to keep in your ContractSafe account.  Then, just notify us you’re ready at stefan@contractsafe.com

Data Upload

We can upload your contract data to your ContractSafe account when you supply us with a spreadsheet of the information. We can upload the spreadsheet to your account in order to make use of ContractSafe quick and easy. 

We have detailed instructions available below; to get started please review the instructions and this template.  On the template, we’ve filled in just a few columns and provided some guidance; please keep in mind you’ll likely have many more fields than represented on this template. It’s critical to ensure your contract name on your spreadsheet matches exactly the name of the contract you’re uploading. 

If you have questions or to initiate a bulk upload, please email stefan@contractsafe.com.

Turnaround Time for Uploads

Once your data has been validated,  we will give you an estimated ETA for completion.   Generally, the bulk uploads can take anywhere from 8 to 14 business days following approval.