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What is our Bulk Upload service?

We can help you get your existing contracts and data into your account quickly, efficiently and with the organization of your design!

Our bulk upload service can help get you organized and working in your ContractSafe account in no time. The best part is the service is free!  We can upload your existing contracts and/or map your data that you already have in a spreadsheet to your ContractSafe account. There is no limit to the number of documents or amount of data for this service. 

Document Upload

Getting the documents to us for uploading is simple.  We can give you a link to a secured Google drive or you can give us access to a shared drive of your choice.  If you have a specific folder structure you would like us to maintain, we can do that! You would need to upload the documents into the drive with the same folder organization that you intend to keep in your ContractSafe account.  Then, just notify your Customer Success Manager of this request. 

Data Upload

If you have your existing data already pulled out in a spreadsheet we can upload that data into your account.  You would need to provide us with the spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet MUST include the file name for the document associated with each line of data, if you are having us upload your documents and data together.  You will need to clean up your data according to the parameters set in this sample upload spreadsheet (select to download spreadsheet and please review the instructions tab). 

If you have questions or to initiate the bulk upload, please reach out to your designated Customer Success Manager or contact support@contractsafe.com

Turnaround Time for Uploads

Bulk uploads of 1 to 2000 files/records will be completed within 8 to 10 business days from the time the documents and/or the approved data spreadsheet are received.  For uploads of over 2000 files/records the turnaround time is 14 business days.  All data spreadsheets must be provided for approval a week prior to the date you want the project to begin.

*Turnaround times are subject to change at any time due to the volume of uploads pending at the time you submit your upload