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Can I bulk delete data?

We make it easy to clear data in bulk from any data field.

You have data entered for a set of contracts and you would like to clear that data in bulk. No problem. 

1) Select the contracts you want to bulk edit by ticking the box inline with them.. 

2) Select Edit, and then the field you want to edit.

3) Select "Clear data" and then Save. 

Warning: Bulk Clearing data cannot be reversed. The data is permanently deleted. You may want to download the data in a spreadsheet before Clearing the data so you have a backup available. 

- All users can bulk Clear data except Read Only users.

- Clearing data returns it to its original, blank state. So if you download or email a report the field(s) Cleared will be blank in the spreadsheet report.  



Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.