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How do I best set up ContractSafe?

When you start to set up your account, there is often a temptation to "recreate" the contract in ContractSafe.  All the details, clauses, etc.  But that's not really what most people need!  The goal is to put important information at your fingertips, and have "signposts" or indicators of where the other needed information might be.  It's super easy to search within a document so you can get to clauses, details, etc. in seconds.

Keep in mind that the more information you try to collect for new contracts, the longer it will take and the more your process will bog down.  With that in mind, here are a few questions to help you decide what is the right information to put into ContractSafe (for reminders, custom fields and folders).

  1. What information do people need/want to see when they pull up a contract?
  2. What kind of reports do people want to run (by AE, by region, contract owner, business line, contract amount, exceptions, etc)?
  3.  What kind of events are important to be reminded about (renewals, updates, etc)?
  4. Once a contract is signed, what are the main pain points involved with compliance/delivery?
  5. What kind of things do you do over and over that you wish were automated (re-reading through contracts to find info, emailing to find out who is responsible, etc)?

Start with the end in mind...what do people need.  And the rest will be straightforward (I know, easy for us to say, but trust us!).

Of course, if you have questions about this or other issues with getting started, just set up some time with our team.  We're here to help.