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How do I delete (or restore) a contract?

It's really easy to get rid of unwanted contracts in ContractSafe.  On the Contract List (where you get to by clicking Contracts at the top of the page), just select the contracts you want to delete:

Once you've selected one or more contracts, you'll see the option appear up above.  Just click on "Delete."  You'll get a confirming message and then your file  is deleted.

And yes...we've all been there and deleted files accidentally.  But never fear.  If you need to restore them, just head on over to the Deleted Contracts section of the Dashboard.  

Click on the trash can icon next to the contract you want to restore.  Boom!  You're back in business.

Note:  Read Only and No Delete Users cannot delete files out.  If the X is missing, it may be because you are one of these types of Users.