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How do I download all my contracts and data?

Data and Document Backups

Important Note: For security reasons, only users designated as Account Owners and Admins can access the "Download all Contracts and Data". This feature is not available to Department Admins or any other user roles. 

Download Your Contracts and Data

This guide explains how to download all your contracts and associated data for offline access.


  1. Access Settings: Navigate to the Settings section of the platform.Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 21.41.46

  2. Find Saved Views & Reports: Locate the section titled Saved Views & Reports (or similar wording depending on the platform).

  3. Open Reports: Click on the Reports option within Saved Views & Reports.

  4. Choose what to Download: Click on the arrow to reveal the download options.Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 21.41.38

  5. Select Contracts or Data: You'll typically be presented with two download options:

    • Download Contracts or Related Documents: This option downloads a compressed file (ZIP) containing all your contracts.
    • Contract Data (.CSV): This option downloads a file in Comma-Separated Values (.CSV) format containing all your contract data. This format allows easy import into spreadsheet software like Excel for further analysis.
  6. Download and Access: Choose the desired download option, and the file will be downloaded to your local computer. You can then access the contracts directly within the ZIP file or open the .CSV file in your preferred spreadsheet software.

Additional Notes:

    The download process is not instantaneous. An email will be sent to you once the zip file is ready.

    That's it! With two clicks you can download all your contracts and data. Unlike other contract management solutions, we make it easy for you to access your information. 

    Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.