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How do I duplicate a contract?

If you have a new contract with an existing party or just want to start with another contract as the starting point, it's easy to create a duplicate of a contract and all associated data in ContractSafe!

This feature is excellent for templates, form agreements, departmental standards, etc.

Do you ever have multiple contracts with the same party? Or would you like to set up a template for your team to use with certain information already filled out in ContractSafe? It's easy to duplicate a contract and all associated data in ContractSafe.

Just find the Contract Page you want to duplicate and select "Duplicate" from the More menu:


That's it! A copy of the Contract Page (with the contract file in the Viewer) will be created, and all the information you've entered will be copied.

The new document will be at the top of your Contracts List. The new document will also have a "dupe" indicator at the beginning of its name so that you can differentiate it from the original contract.

Once you are on the new (duplicate) Contract Page, you can replace the contract file with a new contract by using Options > Replace and change any other information (the name, dates, etc.) that you would like. 

Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com if you need further assistance.