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How do I see my Subfolders?

Want to see Subfolders within each Folder? Sure thing!

If you are looking for the Subfolders that have been created in your account, you can easily see them by doing the following:

1. Click into a main Folder on the Dashboard. Any Subfolders will be listed at the top of the Contracts List.



2. Select Filter and then Folder from the Contracts List. All Subfolders are indicated wherever a sideways arrow is displayed.


  Account Managers and above have the ability to see the entire list of Folders and Subfolders and can print a report of all Folders and Subfolders in Settings > Folders & Tags.

Account Managers and above also have the ability to see the list of Folders and Subfolders by selecting Manage Folders from the Dashboard.


Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.