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How do I use Advanced Filters?

With Advanced Filters, you can quickly and easily apply one or more Filters to see any group of your contracts. There are a whole series of Filters -- Counterparty, Approved By, Dates, Folders, Tags, etc. -- to choose from.   You can also choose from the Custom Fields that you create.

Just select the Filters button at the top left on your Contract List and apply the Filter(s) you want. Each time you apply a Filter a tile will show that Filter is applied. You can then remove them individually (by clicking the "x" on the tile) or clear all of them by selecting that option to the right. 

Another effective way to use Filters is by filtering to find contracts that are missing key information. Now we can also help you easily find contracts that are missing key details in your account.
Let’s say you want to see all contracts that are missing an entry for Termination Date. Just go to filters, and you’ll see a new entry at the top of the list for “None”. Select this and all contracts missing this entry will be pulled up. This will work for any non-checkbox data field.

And keep in mind that you can use Filters and Search together to easily find exactly the right contracts, and then use our reporting tools to download the information for these contracts or the contract files. 

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