How is ContractSafe better than SharePoint for your contract management?

Here's some of the many reasons that ContractSafe is easier, more effective and more affordable than SharePoint for managing your contracts.

We have many companies reaching out to us because they have been using SharePoint to store their contracts, and they need a better approach. Others may consider using SharePoint for contracts because they already have it and think it would be the most cost-effective approach. 

Benefits of ContractSafe than SharePoint for managing contracts. 

1) All contracts indexed with OCR for full-text search so you can search and find contracts and provisions in your account (including scans!) just like you would do a Google search. 
2) Robust date management and automated reminders. 
3) The ability to capture other data for compliance and reporting. 
4) Full reporting capabilities -- ad hoc reporting and saved reports that can be automatically sent regularly.
5) The ability to add unlimited users with role-based access so you can easily define what each can do and see in your account. 
6) Easy redlining, including from scans. 
7) No-code integrations with 2,000+ applications. 
8) AI to automatically extract essential information from your contracts so you don't need to do this manually.  
9) Fully configurable by business users without any technical / coding skills. 
10) No need to bug your IT team for anything.
11) Lower total-cost-of-ownership than SharePoint when you consider (a) the cost of your IT team's time to build, manage, and change as needed a SharePoint site, and (b) the cost of your time wasted with a harder-to-use and less efficient solution. 
12) Dedicated support and training are included with every subscription. 
13) Get up and running in a day and get the benefit of the thousands of hours of development time we have invested in the site. 

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