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How to login with Google

Want to login to ContractSafe even faster with your Google account? You got it!

Step 1: Link your ContractSafe account with your Google account. Login to your ContractSafe account using your email and ContractSafe password. Go to Settings and then Login. Select "Sign in with Google" at the bottom of the Login section and follow the instructions to link your ContractSafe account with your Google account.

[NOTE: If you do not see the "Sign in with Google" section on this page it means that this feature is not enabled for your ContractSafe account. Please see an Admin user on your ContractSafe account to enable this feature (here's a guide on this).]

Step 2: Login with your Google account. Once your ContractSafe account is linked with your Google account, you can login with Google on our login page by selecting "Sign in with Google."

[NOTE: If Two-Factor Authentication is enabled for your ContractSafe account, you will still need to authenticate by entering a code that is texted to you anytime you are logging in from a new device or location.]