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How can I move the Notes section?

Notes box above your document in the Viewer in your way? No problem! The placement of the Notes section on the Contract Page can easily be changed by an admin user.

The Notes section can be placed above the document in your viewer on the Contract Page or be kept at the bottom of Viewer on the Contract Page.  The Account Owner, Admin(s), and Account Manager(s) can easily switch the position:

1) From the Contract Page, select Settings in the upper right corner of the page.

2) On the Settings page, scroll down to Notes Position for Contract Page.

3) Click on the dropdown arrow and choose either Viewer Over Notes or Notes Over Viewer. 

Your updates will automatically be made and you can select the back arrow to return to the Contract Page. 


When the Notes box is placed below the Viewer, the yellow thumb tack at the top of the Contract Page is a shortcut that takes you there quickly.  The number beside the thumbtack indicates notes have been added to the Notes box.

Note:  Changing this setting applies to all users in the account.