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How to notify others when contracts are added

Many companies have individuals responsible for maintaining specific Folders in ContractSafe.  Maybe Rob is responsible for maintaining the HR and Legal Folders.  Suzanne oversees Finance and Corporate.  And so on.

In ContractSafe you can easily choose who gets notified when new contracts are added to a folder. Simply go to Settings in the top right corner - > Users. A Users table should appear. If you press "More" there is an option to select New Contract Notifications, to the right of Roles and Permissions.  Simply check this box, and that user will receive an email alert when new files are added to the Folders that they have access to.  Unless the new contracts are added by them.

And don't worry...if you add a bunch of new contracts at once, we only send them one notification (with all the contracts listed).



Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.