What data does the [AI]ssistant tool search for in my documents?

[AI]ssistant searches for nine (9) data points to help you get a jump on your data entry!

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The AI[ssistant] tool automatically searches for and attempts to organize these values:

  • Contract Name
  • My Company
  • Counterparty
  • Effective Date
  • Termination Date
  • Autorenew (Yes/No)
  • Renewal Term (Length, if Autorenew is Y)
  • Deadline to Nonrenew (Date, if Autorenew is Y)
  • Includes Confidentiality (Yes/No)

You have the options to accept the values selected by AI, chose an alternative presented for you, edit the presented information, add your own custom value or skip it all together and perform your own data entry.  The choice is yours! 

After accepting the values, new notations will be created on your contract. You can then click on each in order to see what Contract Field does the notation reflect:


Screenshot 2023-04-11 214318