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What is a Virtual Data Room/Sharing By Tags?

In ContractSafe, all plans allow you to control permissions (access to documents) by Folders.  This allows you to easily give Marketing access to the Marketing folder, but not let them see what's in the Finance folder.

At the Professional level and higher, you can also control access by Tags.  This allows for a much more granular level of control.  You can choose to share 2 contracts in Marketing and 1 contract in Finance with a few of your users for a specific purpose.

We call this a Virtual Data Room, or a Data Room you can create or establish on the fly.

This functionality can be particularly useful for:
• Audits
• Projects
• Litigation Holds or Matters
• Diligence Requests

---or anything else that requires mixing and matching access.

Remember, you have unlimited users in ContractSafe, so it's easy to give an outside auditor Read Only access to ContractSafe and then create a Tag to share access with the files they need.  Same goes with Outside Counsel and a litigation matter.

This feature is also useful if you just need a more complex access plan for ContractSafe.  You can let your corporate team see all Marketing documents, but allow the Orlando branch to only see documents tagged with Orlando Marketing.

These two dimensions typically allow enough control to satisfy the sharing needs of most companies for most purposes.