What is the Productivity Package?

FAQ for Productivity Package

What is the Productivity Package?

The Productivity Package is an account add-on that includes an integrated E-signature feature, an Approval feature, the ContractSafe [AI]ssistant, and NOW Custom Templates. 

Custom templates!

The Custom templates in ContractSafe revolutionizes the way contracts are created, providing a streamlined and efficient approach. This new feature empowers you to streamline the contract creation process and ensure consistency across your documents. 


The [AI]ssistant is our AI tool that searches for and pulls key information from uploaded contracts.  The extracted information is presented for your review, and then entered into the appropriate fields upon acceptance. 


The E-signature feature, in partnership with HelloSign, allows you to send draft documents out for signature via email with just the push of a button.  Signed documents with a complete audit trail will replace the unsigned copy in the system, and the copy will be saved for reference in the Attachments section. 


Using the Approval feature on a contract or document is easy!  All you have to do is just select who you want to approve the contract in the drop-down list.  You can select as many approvers as you want, as well as decide whether you want everyone approving at once or if you want to set an approval order

Intake Forms

Provide instructions and request data when users upload contracts with Intake Forms. Admins can create different forms for uploading various contracts to capture important data, assign a folder, apply tags, and more every time a contract is uploaded through an Intake Form! 

How do I access Productivity Package features?

If you already have access to the full Productivity Package, any Admin-level user on your account can turn on these features by going to the Settings page and selecting AI and Workflow Options

If you do not currently have the Productivity Package, you can contact Sales or Customer Success to ask for it to be added to your account.  

What is the cost of the Productivity Package?

The Productivity Package is a 35% add-on to your main subscription.  Please see our pricing here.

Can I pay for E-sign, Approvals, Intake Forms, [AI]ssistant, or Templates separately?

The five features are bundled together.  However, you can opt to turn on one or the other and not all four. 

What is the Annotations feature?

Our Annotation feature makes it easy to highlight key contract terms, add notes about them, and link them to specific fields this feature is available even without the Productivity Package.


Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.