Contract Management Software ROI Calculator

See how much time (and money) ContractSafe could save you.



ContractSafe more than pays for itself in time and energy (not to mention headaches) saved. 

Here are just a few ways ContractSafe can save you time — and money:

  • Reducing time spent organizing and searching for documents
  • Improving contract performance by tracking key metrics
  • Keeping track of important dates and milestones
  • Assuring regulatory compliance
  • Automating mundane tasks and streamlining process workflows

Contract Management ROI Calculator

Contract Management Software ROI Calculator

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Contract Management ROI:



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Save Per Year with ContractSafe

Inefficient and outdated contract management takes its toll on any organization. Time-wasting activities such as searching in folders for documents, tracking expiration dates via spreadsheets, and scrambling to respond to audits and diligence can lead to errors, costly fines, lost revenue, and stressed-out employees.

ContractSafe offers streamlined contract management that anyone can use. It makes it easy to find any document, send important date reminders, and keep track of contracts across the organization. And it’ll save your organization time and money, too.

Based on the data you entered:

Your ROI:

ROI looks at the amount of money a tool can make (or save) your organization compared to how much it costs. A good contract management system can save you money and expand your revenue. And ContractSafe is the most affordable CMS around–making the ROI even higher.

Total annual savings:

Unfavorable or unwanted vendor contract renewals cost companies thousands of dollars each year. Contract date alerts make it easy to stay on top of every contract.

Time Saved:

The average legal department lawyer spends up to 40% of their time working on tasks that don’t require a lawyer’s expertise. Streamlined contract management lets you get back to other tasks.

ContractSafe may also save you: about a dozen headaches, a handful of missed deadlines, a multitude of frustrating phone calls, and a plethora of hair-tearing-out moments when you can’t find the document you’re looking for. And your peace of mind. But who’s counting?

Every organization is unique. We want to make sure you find the best solution to fit your specific needs. Based on your answers, below are just a few ways ContractSafe can streamline your contract management process.

How Does the ROI Calculator Work?

The ROI calculator works by entering a few key details and measuring those against some industry averages, as well as the cost of our software, in order to provide you with an estimated ROI, how much time and money you could save every year, and an estimated payback period.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • The number of active contracts your business is currently holding, including contracts that may be expiring soon or automatically renewing.
  • The number of people who are managing contracts and the number of people (inside or outside of your organization) who regularly interact with contracts
  • A general sense of how much time is spent managing contracts
  • The estimated annual value of the contracts 

When you’ve got that info, all you need to do is enter it into the fields above, and boom, you’ll have a forecast showing you an estimate of the ContractSafe's ROI, how much time and money it’ll save you, and how many days it’ll take to make that money back. 

Our Methodology

In order to create this calculator, we compiled salary data for in-house lawyers and supporting legal staff from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and We also used pricing and efficiency gains for ContractSafe's own software.


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