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How can I archive expired contracts?

Want to move expired contracts into an archive so they are out of the way (but you can find and restore them if needed)? Here's how.

1) Archiving contracts - Easily move one or more contracts into your Archive by selecting them on your Contract List, selecting Move, and then selecting Archive. 


You can also Archive a contract directly from the Contract Page by selecting "..." above "More" and then Archive. 

Keep in mind that Archived contracts will not be included in your general searches and reporting and they will not be included in bulk exports of your contracts and data. All date reminders will also be disabled for Archived contracts. 


2) Seeing your Archive - See all your Archived contracts by Filtering by Archived. 


3) Restoring contracts from Archive - Restore one or more Archived contracts to your active account by selecting the Archived contracts, and then selecting Restore. 

4) Permanently deleting Archived contracts - Permanently delete one or more Archived contracts by selecting the Archived contracts, and then selecting Delete. 

Contracts deleted from your Archive are permanently deleted and cannot be restored. 

Additional notes:

  • Users with any Role other than Read Only can Archive and restore contracts. 
  •  Archived contracts are not counted for subscription and pricing purposes. 

For more information on the topic please visit the following Article


Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.