Can I have fields that are required to be completed on a Form?

Required fields are here! You can be confident that a Form has been completed to your required specifications - nothing left undone. You can also make a Form required to be completed.

Note: Only the Account Owner, Admin(s), and Department Admin(s) for your account can create and edit Custom Fields and Forms.

Let's start! First, Required Fields must be turned on from Settings.  

From your Settings menu, select Custom Fields & Forms. Under Custom Fields, enable the Required Fields button by clicking on the grey switch icon. It should then turn into green.

Now,  you can edit a form from the settings:

While on Settings>Custom Fields and Forms, navigate to the Forms tab right beside the Custom Fields tab. 

  1. Click the edit button adjacent to the existing form, or click the +Add Form to create a new one. 
  2. A new page should appear where you can customise your existing forms or create a new one. On the left side, and adjacent to your existing fields, you should now see the Req button.
  3. Clicking on the Req button will turn the adjacent field red with an asterisk at the end of its name. This signifies that the field is now a required field. 
  4. Don't forget to click on the blue Save Form button to save your changes!

Note : Required Fields are marked as Red when not filled in the Form in the Contract Page, they can be left without a Value - Unlike Templates and Intake Forms where they are mandatory.

Editing your required fields can also be done on the Contract Page. Simply go to the Forms Dropdown, and click Edit Forms.


Let's move to the second stage, Adding a Required field to a form.

Now you can mark a whole form as required This includes all the fields within it. You have two ways to do this:

  1. One at a time - Access any document and select the form drop-down box. Select Req to indicate a Form is required for this document, as shown below.
  2. Bulk edit - On your Contracts List > Check the boxes of the documents you'd like to edit > Select Edit > Select Required Forms from the dropdown options > Check the boxes of the forms required for these documents > Select Save.

Caution: Ensure that the Clear Data checkbox is not selected when doing these steps. 

Note: Once completed, users will now be notified if they leave a document without completing all of the Required Fields. Users will also be presented with the Required Form by default when viewing a contract.

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