Can I store my files locally?

Generally our clients store their files in the cloud.  This is for a combination of security, convenience and ease-of-use.  However, it is possible to keep your files locally and still use ContractSafe.

All of our posted pricing includes all the storage you need in the Amazon cloud.  ContractSafe was built from the ground up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) best practices for security as a starting point, and we have layered on additional security and protection on top of that.  You can read more about what we do to protect your information and our security by clicking on the Security tab on our About page.

If you are interested in storing your contracts locally with ContractSafe, we cannot guarantee things like backups, data recoverability, and 24/7 access.  Depending on the configuration and the work required, there are also additional charges. Each case is different so we cannot quote a standard price on this.  If you are interested in on-prem hosting, please contact for more details.