Contract Management Security

The security of your information is at the heart of everything we do.

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  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Data Center are audited and certified to comply with ISO 27001, FedRAMP, DoD CSM, AND PCI DSS
  • Web application firewall





  • All data and passwords encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption
  • Everything encrypted at rest and in transit

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  • Continuous intrusion detection
  • Daily vulnerability scans
  • Regular penetration testing
  • Optional IP white listing
  • Optional dual factor authentication

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  • Sophos end point protection
  • Malware detection
  • Captcha advanced risk prevention

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Audit Trail

  • Audit trails of all actions taken on the site

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  • Our database is constantly backed up offsite
  • Account administration can backup all files and metadata on demand

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  • Multiple auto-scaling servers running
  • Disaster recovery plan

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  • Annual SOC2 certification
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • HIPAA compliant
  • GDPR compliant
  • Data residency in US, Canada or EU

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If you would like to report a possible vulnerability, please email

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