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Learn how ContractSafe’s education contract management software makes it easier for colleges, universities and secondary schools to manage the contract lifecycle.

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Shorten your to-do list with ContractSafe

In education, everyone’s already busy enough.

Staff at colleges, universities and other education institutions wear a lot of hats. Make it easier to access the documents your team needs. If you’ve outgrown legacy systems and need a budget-friendly way to manage contracts, ContractSafe is for you. 

Higher education’s favorite features & benefits


Easy Organization

OCR makes it easy to search scanned documents for key information while [AI]ssistant automatically pulls key contract details to cut down on manual data entry.  



Unlimited users and custom permissions mean no one needs to be a gatekeeper. Audit trails make it easy to see who changed what, and when. 



With seamless integrations with DocuSign, Salesforce and Zapier, ContractSafe fits into your established processes, making contract management the easiest part of your day.

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Zero implementation costs and transparent pricing tiers mean you won’t pay extra for features you may never use. Only pay for what you need. 


Date & compliance tracking

Set automatic alerts about deadlines and other requirements. You’ll reduce expensive human errors and save time. Set alerts for anyone on your team.


Simple Contract Creation

Templates and intake forms make it simple to create new contracts. Approval workflows, version control and unlimited e-signatures help speed up contract execution. 

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    “...This does everything I wanted; and more! Contract management is only one of the tasks I am responsible for and we grew out of my Excel spreadsheet long ago. I need a product that is simple to use, that I can share, that will easily remind me when contracts are due…There is nothing I don't like about this software!”
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    Karen K.
    Director of Business Services, Education Management

Learn more about Education Contract Management Software

Reduce procurement time, increase visibility, and enhance security with a simple, cloud-based university contract management platform. Get all the details about how ContractSafe makes contract management easy for administrators.

Simplifying The Higher Education Contract Lifecycle

Educational institutions that use ContractSafe will benefit from the ability to locate documents up to six times faster while storing documents in a compliant cloud-based repository that protects from both unauthorized internal and external access.


A University-Wide Contract Repository

Safely store and organize university contracts, vendor agreements, and intellectual property in a central cloud-based repository securely hosted on Amazon Web Services. Read/write permissions provide an extra layer of security by allowing you to segment document access by role or department.

  • Standardize the creation, negotiation, execution, and storage of contracts across schools and departments.
  • Configure role-based permissions to allow various stakeholders access to what they need while also restricting who can view, edit, or locate a specific contract.
  • Backup your repository at any time to ensure business-critical documents are never lost.

The Smartest Search & Reporting Tools

Eliminate the time employees spend looking for documents with search capabilities that actually work. With advanced search functionality and customizable dashboards, you can be sure that the university chancellor, president, and deans can quickly get the insights they need.

  • Advanced OCR technology makes it easy to search scanned documents for vendor names, deliverables, expiration dates, and more.
  • Easily track vendors, services, and deliverables across university departments and prevent duplicative contracts.
  • Categorize documents and create a systematic approach to contract management across schools and departments.
  • Create customizable, role-based dashboards to help university leadership, sourcing, procurement, and legal get the specific contract insights they need.

Alert Settings Help Teams Plan Ahead

Colleges and universities manage a high volume of products and services across multiple schools, so tracking key dates and contractual obligations can be a challenge. With ContractSafe’s customizable alerts and reminders, schools can plan far in advance of upcoming expiration dates, promotional pricing periods, and service dates.

  • Ensure contract managers and legal teams stay ahead of schedule by assigning alerts and reminders ahead of important contract or service dates.
  • Increase procurement productivity by configuring reminders for contract renewals, deliverables, and payment dates.
  • Calendar views give university leaders a holistic view into key contract dates and deliverables.

Sharing & Role Permissions

Not all employees need the same level of access to specific documents. With user roles and permissions, the chancellor can have access to all university contracts while deans can be limited to documents pertaining to a specific school. By assigning user roles and permissions, schools can manage risk and make sure contracts don’t fall into the wrong hands.

  • Manage roles and contract access by individual, department, or school; easily assign permissions with one simple click.
  • Customize permissions and restrict access to confidential documents and information.
  • Keep all teams in the loop with university-wide access.

Seamless Integrations

We know that contract management is only one component of your university’s procurement process, which is why we make it easy for ContractSafe to plug into other education solutions that support your school’s operations.

  • Sign documents faster and import executed documents with two-way DocuSign integration.
  • Increase productivity and reduce administrative overhead with Okta/SAML 2.0 for single sign-on authentication.
  • Seamlessly move contracts between ContractSafe and your CMS or other university databases

Execute Contracts Faster While Reducing Risk And Increasing Visibility.

By storing documents in a secure, centralized repository with tools to create intake forms, templates, and approval workflows, colleges and universities can better collaborate and reduce the time it takes to execute a contract.

ContractSafe's contract management software helps colleges and universities to:

  • Improve the contract lifecycle by enabling collaboration across legal, finance, procurement, and university leadership.
  • Maintain visibility into the vendors and suppliers servicing the university and prevent duplicative contracts across departments.
  • Protect contracts, confidential information, and intellectual property from external data breaches and unauthorized internal access.
  • Never miss a contract expiration or auto renewal - customizable alerts and reminders help all departments stay ahead of key contract dates.

Higher education often involves a large volume of vendor contracts and managing these documents across multiple schools and departments can be a challenge. It’s not uncommon for multiple university departments to execute contracts with the same vendor for the same service. When different schools and departments operate in silos, it can lead to unnecessary risk and expensive long-term problems.

ContractSafe prevents this by helping distributed university departments collaborate on contract management from within a centralized cloud-based repository. With tools such as version control, audit trails, user roles and permissions, smart search tools, and customizable reporting, departments at any educational institution can manage a more efficient and productive contract lifecycle with education contract management software.

Unlimited Support

With thousands of employees distributed across schools and departments, implementing new education software university-wide can be a daunting task. Luckily, ContractSafe is not only easy to use, but we offer unlimited support to help drive employee adoption across your school.

  • Unlimited support however you'd like to receive it - call, email, or send an online chat from within the platform.
  • We offer platform implementation support, customized training sessions, and platform troubleshooting at no additional cost.
  • Leverage our support staff to help import existing contracts or integrate ContractSafe with other tools or platforms.


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