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Nonprofit contract solutions

NPOs face tight budgets, high accountability and continuous grant obligations to maintain their status and funding. Look to ContractSafe for easy-to-use and affordable non-profit contract management software for suppliers, grants, leases, employees and more. 

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Less time managing contracts, more time furthering your cause.

ContractSafe lets you focus on what’s important.

Staff at nonprofits need a simple, cost-effective contract management system so they can focus on their core mission. ContractSafe gives you time back in your day so you can get back to what really matters.

Nonprofits’ favorite features & benefits


Easy Collaboration

Every plan comes with unlimited users and custom access permissions. You can create custom templates, intake forms, and tags to support collaboration during negotiations, review and approvals. 


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Don't pay for features you don't need! Eliminate bloat and stretch your budget with all of your contract management tools in one place. You could even scale back the number of systems you pay for and manage. 



Automated organization

Bogged down by manual processes? OCR lets you search scanned documents and images. The [AI]ssistant extracts key data from uploaded documents for streamlined sorting and tagging.


Total date management

Stay on top of crucial timelines for contracts and grants. Get notifications about deadlines, end dates, payments, deliverables and other responsibilities. Track as many dates as you need and assign alerts to any user.


Compliant repository

Documents are easy to find, with downloadable audit trails that list all changes, including user and timestamps. Approval workflows and integrated e-signatures ensure secure, consistent processes. 


Free, fast implementation

Most NPOs don’t have padding the budget or the IT staff to accommodate long, complicated set-up processes. ContractSafe takes care of everything so you can be up and running in hours – not weeks. 

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    “Easy to use document management system. The best feature for us is the ability to email reminders to contract managers of critical dates.”
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    Gillian W.
    Director of Finance and Operations, Non-Profit Organization Management
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    “Ease of use. Easy access. Upload process is simple…[No cons] so far. For all the times we have used it there have been no issues so far.”
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    Mark N.
    Director of Finance, Non-Profit Organization Management
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    “Excellent customer support. Very easy to learn how to use. Has a simple lay out and the administrator settings are very simple and clear.”
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    Mia K.
    Legal Assistant, Non-Profit Organization Management

Learn more about Nonprofit Contract Management Software

Streamline contract management, increase transparency, and track important milestones with a simple, cloud-based contract software for nonprofits.

Simplifying The Nonprofit Contract Lifecycle

Nonprofits that use ContractSafe's contract management platform to store contracts will benefit from the ability to locate documents up to six times faster while simultaneously protecting documents from unauthorized internal and external access.

Smart Search & Reporting Tools

Your contract software is the central storage location for all legal documents across your nonprofit, so effective search capabilities are essential so leaders, legal, finance, procurement teams, and contract managers can quickly gain insights into important terms and contractual obligations.

  • Advanced OCR technology makes it easy to search scanned documents for supplier names, deliverables, expiration dates, and more.
  • Easily track suppliers, contracts, and partnerships along with the associated service dates and deliverables.
  • Label groups of documents and create a systematic approach to contract management across your nonprofit entity.
  • Create customizable, role-based dashboards to help nonprofit leaders, legal teams and procurement teams get the specific contract insights they need.

Secure Contract Repository Provides a Single 'Source of Truth'

Safely store your nonprofit's documents in a secure, cloud-based repository hosted on Amazon Web Services. Leverage role-based permissions to segment document access by role, team, or department and protect confidential information.

  • Standardize the entire contract management lifecycle across teams and departments.
  • Configure role-based permissions to give nonprofit leaders a holistic view of an organization's contracts while ensuring individual employees or team can only see what you want them to see.
  • Backup contracts at any time to ensure your most critical documents are never lost.
  • Protect contracts from hackers or cybersecurity vulnerabilities with document encryption and state-of-the-art detection systems.

Alerts Help Teams Plan Ahead

Because nonprofits manage a high volume of vendors, contractors, and partnerships, tracking servicing dates and contractual obligations can be a significant challenge. From software pricing periods to event deliverables, ContractSafe's alerts and reminders help your team plan for all business-critical dates.

  • Ensure procurement, contract managers, and finance stay ahead of schedule by assigning alerts and reminders ahead of important contract or service dates.
  • Increase procurement productivity by configuring reminders for contract renewals, deliverables, and payment dates.
  • Give your organization's leaders a holistic view of the contracts, suppliers, and dates via Calendar views.

Sharing & Role Permissions Control Access

Not all employees need the same level of contract access. While finance may need access to supplier agreements, your program managers may only need access to documents pertaining to a specific event. By assigning user roles and permissions, you can manage risk and ensure contracts don't fall into the wrong hands.

  • Manage roles and access by individual, team or department; easily assign permissions which one simple click.
  • Customize permissions to restrict access to confidential documents and information.
  • Assign editing permissions to specific individuals, while keeping all teams in the loop with enterprise-wide access.
  • A full audit trail allows you to see the views and changes to a particular contract.

Seamless Integrations

Contract management is only one component of your nonprofit's procurement process, which is why we make it easy for ContractSafe to plug into other software for nonprofits.

  • Send contracts for e-signatures from within ContractSafe
  • Import executed documents with two-way DocuSign integration.
  • Increase productivity and reduce administrative overhead with Okta/SAML 2.0 for single sign-on authentication.
  • Seamlessly move contracts between ContractSafe and your CRM or CMS.

Unlimited Support

When implementing new software, employee adoption is critical for achieving a return on your investment. ContractSafe's best-in-class customer support is with you every step of the way - from initial implementation to long-term troubleshooting, we're here to make sure your team is successful.

  • Unlimited phone, email, or online chat support - we're here when you need us.
  • Receive platform implementation support, customized training sessions, and general troubleshooting at no additional cost.
  • Leverage our support team to help import existing contracts or to integrate ContractSafe with other tools or software for nonprofits.

Improve Transparency and Stay Ahead of Key Dates

Nonprofit regulations require NGOs and the public sector to adhere to strict governance and policies around third party contracts. As a result, qualified nonprofits must have a well-organized, systematic approach to contract review and storage.

ContractSafe's nonprofit contract management software helps both NGOs and NPOs to:

  • Streamline supplier agreements, GSA contracts, and grants across multiple teams and departments.
  • Accelerate the contract lifecycle and increase organization-wide collaboration and productivity.
  • Create contract transparency while maintaining compliance with federal regulations and constituent requirements.
  • Never miss an expiring contract or milestone - customizable alerts and reminders help teams and departments plan ahead.

Nonprofit resources

We mind the details so you don’t have to. Dive into our most popular nonprofit contract management resources. 

“I couldn't believe we were already up and running in just 30 mins

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Easy contract management in a few clicks.

With fair pricing, zero implementation fees, unlimited users and a free trial, you have nothing to lose by diving into ContractSafe. Lighten your load today. 

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