ContractSafe vs. ContractWorks:

Why ContractSafe is the Preferred Contract Management System [2024]

Are you searching for the best contract management software but unsure where to start? You're in luck!

Keep reading to discover why ContractSafe may be the right choice for your business.

Why Companies Choose ContractSafe Over ContractWorks


Affordable features that fit your needs

ContractSafe prides itself on its efficient approach, cutting the fat so you're left with an efficient, user-friendly platform that’s affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes.

  • Unlimited users
  • Transparent pricing
  • Features you actually need
  • Flexible pricing plans based on the features you need and contract volume
  • Free trial 

Starting at $375 per month with unlimited users, and options that fit your needs, you get a comprehensive contract management solution that doesn't clutter your workflow with redundant features.

Streamlined, no-nonsense approach to contract management

ContractSafe doesn't waste your time with a cluttered interface or superfluous add-ons. Instead, it provides an easy-to-use (and easy-to-implement) solution that cuts right to the chase.

With ContractSafe, everything’s right where you’d expect it to be. And it works exactly how you'd expect. 

While customers have praised ContractWorks for its contract creation features, it does come with a steeper learning curve. That's why ContractSafe is ranked as "Easier to Setup" and "Easier to Manage."

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Users love ContractSafe's intuitive, easy-to-use interface

ContractSafe's user interface is foolproof, with clear and straightforward functionalities that take the hassle out of contract management.

With ContractSafe, ease of use is not an afterthought, but a core feature.

ContractSafe can be up and running in minutes

With ContractSafe, you're not just getting a tool; you're getting a partner. Dive into an intuitive platform, organize your contracts swiftly, and start leveraging its features immediately. 

ContractSafe’s AI-driven data extraction streamlines the organization of your contracts, ensuring you're set up swiftly and efficiently while still giving you the option to make sure everything is correct.

While both platforms offer strong support, ContractSafe's AI stands out in its precision and utility.

On the other hand, ContractWorks, despite its AI capabilities, often receives feedback about its limited usefulness in extracting more than just basic contract details.

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Document storage is safe, secure, and easy to access

ContractSafe is a game changer for contract storage, boasting: 

  • Quick and easy data extraction
  • Bulk edits
  • Meticulous organization
  • Insightful reporting
  • OCR search which makes everything, even scanned documents, fully searchable.

Finding a document with ContractWorks’ system is more difficult as its search feature is reliant on tags.

Never miss a deadline

ContractSafe’s alert system is like your own personal assistant, sending out reports and reminders ahead of time so you can avoid those costly oversights. 

ContractSafe’s email alerts can also include attached files and links to relevant documents and stakeholder reports to provide better context.

Compared to ContractSafe's proactive approach, ContractWorks' system doesn’t include contract files when it sends out reminders, which means you’ll require one extra step to get to access your documents. 


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    "I've explored other solutions and found them to be expensive and cumbersome. We were so happy when we found ContractSafe."
    Elizabeth Kruis
    Associate General Counsel, Corporate, California Pizza Kitchen
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    "We did demos with several different companies before deciding to go with ContractSafe. For the functionality that is provided, the price is great. Plus, you get unlimited users, while most of the other platforms charge per user...They've been great to work with."
    Trent M., General Counsel

Feature Comparison

Features ContractSafe ContractWorks
Price Affordable for businesses of all sizes with no hidden costs Higher entry price point; key features and additional e-signature licenses come at an extra cost
Ease of Use User-friendly interface that suits everyone, tech-savvy or not Steep learning curve due to its overwhelming features
Implementation Bespoke training sessions; fast and easy implementation Setup can be time-intensive with lots of manual work
Contract Storage Clutter-free, organized contract repository with intuitive search Traditional filing system that requires meticulous tagging for easy access to files
Alerts and Reminders Reliable, AI-driven alert system with attached contract files Satisfactory alert system, but files are not attached to notifications
Integrations Integrates well with existing software like Salesforce, Zapier, DocuSign, and Dropbox Sign Limited integrations; has its own e-signature software, which some users find challenging to use
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“I couldn't believe we were already up and running in just 30 mins

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