Contract Tracking


Maintaining visibility into your company's contract lifecycle is essential for effective operations and managing risk. ContractSafe lets you track your documents every step of the way. Lost documents, missed deadlines, and disorganized version control can lead to costly contract mistakes for businesses of all sizes. With the right set of contract tracking tools, you can eliminate risk, reduce wasted hours, and keep your organization running effectively.




Here are some of the features that can help you effectively track your contracts:

Track The Status Of Your Organization's Contracts

  • Maintain organization with a convenient labeling system that allows you to group documents by vendor, services, or dates.
  • Customizable label statuses make it simple to track documents based on your own internal processes.
  • Keep your legal queue moving and ensure contracts are executed in a timely manner.

Stay Ahead of Important Contract

  • Never miss a deadline again -- alerts and reminders keep your teams in the loop on upcoming contract dates and deliverables.
  • Eliminate risk by staying ahead of expiration dates and auto renewals.
  • Keep all of your teams on the same page with a calendar of upcoming contract dates.

Quickly Find Documents with Powerful Search Tools

  • Keep contracts accessible and at your fingertips with smart keyword searching.
  • Broaden or narrow your results with both exact match and broad match keyword searches.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology makes scanned text searchable - so you can quickly sift through documents and find common attributes.
  • Group documents into relevant folders that can help keep your contracts organized

Get Insights You Need with Customizable Dashboards

  • Customizable dashboards allow employees to create unique views containing only the information they need.
  • A simple drag and drop interface allows you to quickly add or remove fields and columns.
  • Keep your contract lifecycle running smoothly with quick access to the latest contracts, reports, and data.

See Documents From Anywhere

  • With our cloud-based repository, you can see your documents from any location and any device - all you need is an Internet connection
  • Enable different teams and departments to collaborate on contract management regardless of location.
  • Maintain quick and easy contract access while on the road.

Track Customers and Vendors

  • Maintain a holistic view of product and service providers along with associated deliverables
  • Keep track of service terms, deliverables, and payment dates so you can effectively manage your customers.
  • Avoid duplicate or redundant contracts across your enterprise.

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Contract tracking is critical for maintaining a healthy and efficient contract management lifecycle. Even the smallest inefficiencies can have detrimental impacts to a company's P&L. Missed renewals, expirations, and contract violations are all problems that occur due to inefficient contract tracking.

ContractSafe's contract tracking features help to increase transparency and visibility, so you can get the insights you need to make decisions and effectively run your business. Contracts are essential to business operations, so it's important to manage them effectively. Luckily, with ContractSafe, contract management has never been this easy.