Case Study

City of Olympia, WA decreases contract scanning time by 75%

Employees report that “Contracts are so easy to find now,” and “ContractSafe is fun to use.”

Impact at a glance

Here’s how Olympia’s operations improved after implementing ContractSafe.



Decreased time spent scanning documents

Amount of money saved annually in staff time

Improvement from 1 to over 4 on Internal contract management rating

Background Challenges

Lost time, avoidable mistakes

As a state capital, Olympia, WA has decades of contract history to sort through. Unfortunately for city staff, the old system entailed spending 3-4 hours at a time to track down a contract, up to 60 times per year.

Fast Facts

  • Industry: Municipal government
  • Size: 600 employees serving 50,000 residents


  • Scattered contracts
  • Wasted time
  • No single source of truth
  • Staff working off the wrong contracts
  • No automation
ContractSafe Governement Contract Solutions
Choosing ContractSafe

Ease of use encourages user adoption

The city created a new contracts and procurement program to confront their challenges. Their first order of business? Implementing a new contract management system.

They explored over 20 different contract management solutions, and narrowed it down to only three that fit their price range and had the necessary features. 

After asking 15+ city staff to participate in demos with these top three solutions and pursuing trials with the final two, the Olympia city staff unanimously chose ContractSafe. The #1 selling point was the ease of use, which alleviated their primary concern of user adoption.

Rollout & Results:
A quick, successful system overhaul

"No one is asking us to look for contracts anymore. Search is now easy enough that it’s become self-service for the entire City."

– Sean Krier, City of Olympia

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Sustainability and streamlining

With DocuSign integration, the entire contract process is now close to paperless, with measurable reductions in paper use and carbon emissions, helping the city work toward its sustainability goals.

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Quick access everywhere

The City has benefited greatly from having all contracts citywide available remotely – especially as staff rapidly transitioned to remote work at the onset of COVID-19.

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Less lost time

Staff are spending 75% less time scanning documents, and have completely eliminated tedious searches. This results in cost savings of $10,000 per year of staff time within the City Clerk’s office alone — meaning ContractSafe pays for itself.


Departmental collaboration

They now have 100% visibility into all agreements and their expiration dates citywide, bringing order and efficiency to their contracts.


Employee adoption

City employees have learned to love their contract management. The average score on their annual internal survey for the Centralized Management and Tracking of Contracts went from 1 (not meeting expectations) to 4+ on a 5-point scale.

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“We wanted something that was easy-to-use, that was the most important thing that we were looking for. We’ve chosen the right platform with ContractSafe and we’ve gotten a lot of compliments. Whenever you roll out any new program, you expect some constructive criticism but all we’ve gotten are kudos.”

"ContractSafe has been an amazing enabler, helping us automate other processes and level up our ability to manage an increasing volume of highly custom customer engagements."

"ContractSafe has been a lifesaver to our company. We finally have a central location to store and keep track of our contracts. Uploading documents is a simple process and the search feature is a lifesaver. Everything is organized and easy to find, and the renewal reminders help us keep on top of any upcoming expiring contracts. Their customer support is excellent.

Margaret Howell Benson, General Counsel

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“I couldn't believe we were already up and running in just 30 mins."

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