ContractSafe vs. Cobblestone:

Why Businesses Prefer ContractSafe [2024] 

In today's business landscape, choosing the right contract management software can make all the difference. But where do you even begin? 

Read on to learn why users love ContractSafe.

Why Companies Prefer ContractSafe Over Cobblestone


Transparent pricing, unmatched value

Value for money is at the heart of ContractSafe's pricing model. ContractSafe boasts:

  • Powerful features you’ll actually use
  • No user limits
  • Clear and transparent pricing 
  • Flexible pricing plans based on the features you need and contract volume

ContractSafe focuses on providing maximum value without hidden costs or surprises, making it a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Streamlined contracts. Easy adoption.

ContractSafe was created by business owners and in-house counsel to solve real-world, day-to-day problems that other tools don't think about — without unnecessary bells and whistles packed in.

With the ability to be up and running in less than 30 minutes, you can start realizing value immediately. 

CobbleStone boasts a myriad of features, but its complex interface and rigid structure can make it a challenging platform to adapt to, especially for newcomers, potentially standing in the way of wider adoption.


Intuitive design meets powerful features

ContractSafe's design philosophy is rooted in clarity and simplicity. Users benefit from features like:

  • Straightforward navigation
  • Smart folder structure
  • Google-like search 
  • Easy approval workflows
  • Customizable templates

CobbleStone offers a lot of tools for contract creation, but some users have complained about its steep learning curve, complicated design, and too many clicks to do basic things.

Seamless onboarding, immediate results

ContractSafe ensures a smooth shift to its contract management system. Leveraging AI tools, it swiftly extracts data from contracts, minimizing manual input. 

Its bulk upload feature is ideal for extensive contract collections, and with top-rated support, businesses are operational in no time.

CobbleStone's setup, in comparison, can be more intricate and time-consuming, as users will need to select key data from their contracts in specific fields manually.

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A repository that works for you

ContractSafe's repository is more than just document storage; it’s a tool designed for efficiency. The platform boasts advanced OCR technology, ensuring searches are as easy as using Google, and its organized folder system and smart tagging feature make finding documents a breeze.

Plus, its insightful reporting can help extract key data to aid your decision-making processes. 

CobbleStone's approach takes a little more clicking around to get to some documents, as it doesn’t offer tags as a way of grouping contracts.

Dedicated support always by your side

ContractSafe believes that every client deserves lifetime award-winning support, regardless of their size. 

Its team is always ready to strategize and lend a helping hand, ensuring users have the resources and guidance they need at every step — from setting up to advanced troubleshooting.

CobbleStone, while boasting a dedicated team, takes a different approach. Its service resembles a premium concierge, available to assist but often at an additional cost, especially during the crucial implementation phase.

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    “ContractSafe is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to access all your contracts in a single place. Its reminders feature is very useful when managing a large number of contracts. I highly recommend it for organizations who are moving away from a manual process and are looking for an automated solution for their contract management that is quick and easy to implement and move on.”
    Jeffrey P.
    Director of Logistics Operations

Feature Comparison

Features ContractSafe Cobblestone
Price Transparent, scalable pricing with no surprises Complex pricing structure, potential added costs for larger teams
Ease of Use User-centric design ensures easy navigation and functionality Feature-rich but can be overwhelming, leading to a steeper learning curve
Implementation Quick setup with AI tools and a personal coach for seamless transition More intricate setup with time-consuming manual data entry
Contract Repository Efficient, organized repository with advanced OCR and smart tagging Traditional approach; required more navigation for document retrieval
Customer Support Dedicated support ensuring consistent, inclusive assistance for everyone Premium concierge-style service; additional costs during implementation
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“I couldn't believe we were already up and running in just 30 mins

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