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All plans include

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Data and document migration

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Onboarding support

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Dedicated customer success manager

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Implementation support and training


Customer service

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Frequently asked questions

What is the charge per user?

All of the ContractSafe plans include unlimited users.  You can add as many users as you want, whether they're Read-Only users or full Admins.

What is the implementation charge?

Zero!  All the ContractSafe plans include assistance with implementation, migration of existing data and documents, and training.  And, our award-winning customer support is included as well!

What happens if I want to upgrade?

If you need to switch plans, ContractSafe makes it easy.  At any point in your subscription you can upgrade to the next plan, and we will pro-rate the difference for the remaining time on your subscription.  You can downgrade at the end of your subscription period.

What are Jump Start contracts?

Our Jump Start service helps you extract information from your existing contracts.  You give us the contracts and our paralegals do the work.  Jump Start services can be purchased starting at $15 per contract.

Are the contract counts per month? Per year?

Any contracts that are in your repository count toward the total.  Any documents in your archive or that are stored as attachments do not count toward the total.  As an example, if you have a contract that has 3 earlier drafts of the document and a signature page stored as attachments, that would only count as a single contract.

Where is my data stored?

ContractSafe currently allows you to choose a region for your data residency.  The options are the United States, Canada, or the European Union.  Once a region is selected, your data will stay 100% within that region.  A single account can only be in one region.

How do I pay for ContractSafe?

For annual plans you can pay by credit card or be invoiced for payment by ACH or check. For monthly plans a credit card is required. All pricing shown is in USD. 

Will my contracts and data be secure and private?

Security and privacy is paramount in everything we do. Our solution is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Your information is encrypted, we maintain full backups, and we are SOC2 certified by an independent audit firm. Learn more about our security.

What are companies saying?

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I’ve explored other solutions and found them to be expensive and cumbersome. We were so happy when we found ContractSafe. The platform is intuitive, their team is incredibly responsive, and the service offers just what we need.

Elizabeth Kruis
Associate General Counsel, California Pizza Kitchen

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Great experience with user-friendly software featuring great customer support. Designed by and for legal professionals, I love how intuitive and effective it is for contract storage and management.

Rose Paxton
Legal Assistant, Vital Strategies

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Very easy to use; documents scan in seconds; email reminders are great; extremely user friendly; very responsive team.

Mary Mullin
Executive Assistant, Accordant Energy

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Contract Safe has been an outstanding partner for us. The product is on top of modern design and function. They are exceptionally good innovators and are quite adept at making changes to improve the product constantly. Managing vendors, partners, and various contractual commitments is hard. It requires massive effort, while there is almost always constraints of some sort. If I were to do it all over again, I actually would have chosen Contract Safe earlier.

David Murray
CEO, Greenspire

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Smart Choice! What started out as a means to control hotel contracts and renewals became an initiative for cost-savings. GM's increased their contract reviews and...found alternative vendors that has lead to cost savings...extremely easy to use and the renewal notifications enable us to make smart decisions. The ContractSafe staff is extremely knowledgeable and does whatever is necessary to make the implementation and ongoing operations successful. The application is very cost-effective.

Julie Rogers
VP Accounting, Quorum Hotel Advisors

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The purchase process was easy, the pricing was great, and the product was extremely easy to use and setup. We started with 330 client contracts and had a good framework for analysis and reporting on contract terms within 30 days. Every question we had as we went (there weren't many) was answered quickly and completely by the support team. Knowledge is power and ContractSafe has given us the ability to know our customer base and the terms of our agreements. 

Annaleise Bohlander
Controller, SurePoint

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