Contract Repository


Ever feel overwhelmed, disorganized, or confused when it comes to contract management? We've been there! Cue a headache saver ... contract cloud repository, also sometimes called a document repository. 

A cloud contract repository system makes managing contracts easy. Contract repository can be defined as a single place to store documents and contracts. Contract repository solutions for small companies, medium-sized, large, and enterprise companies are all available with customized pricing plans.

No matter which plan you choose, ContractSafe’s secure digital document storage is sure to streamline the entire contract management process. 




Here are some of the features you can expect from our contract repository:

Keep Documents Safe

  • We’ll keep all your documents safe and secure.
  • Documents are easy to find in a central repository that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Easy to manage user permissions; easy to make sure the right people see the right documents.

Track Status

  • Track a contract’s status from first draft to post-execution.
  • You can easily customize status to match your process.
  • Stay on top of contracts throughout the contract lifecycle.

Send Documents

  • Email documents directly into and from your ContractSafe account.
  • Our central document repository makes it easy to connect related documents to each other.
  • Find all the documents you need for a project or litigation matter, and zip them up for easy attaching.
Convert Scans to Searchable Text

Convert Scans to Searchable Text

  • With OCR technology, you can pull up the right documents with just a few keywords.
  • Search within the document for the information you’re looking for.
  • Search across all documents in the database for a keyword, term or clause.

Store Attachments

  • Upload, label, and store attachments and supporting documents.
  • Easily find drafts, SOWs, and insurance certifications.
  • Be ready for an audit with all your supporting information in one place.

Download Backup

  • Download a backup of all of your documents at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Backup all your data and reminders at any time.
  • Roles are easily managed, so you control who can (and can't) download information.

Assign Permissions

  • Assign a variety of roles, including read-only access and account managers.
  • Store templates that various users can download for use..
  • Easily control who has access to folders.

Version Control

  • Ensure that everyone is reading the latest version of the contract.
  • With our full audit trail, you’ll always know who uploaded the latest version or made changes.
  • Easily track all of your document versions.

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These contract repository (document repository) features are each powerful on their own, but when combined in an easy-to-use system like ContractSafe, it means saving huge amounts of time and money. With ContractSafe, you can manage your approval process, stay on top of version control, and find what you need quickly. Now that you know more about our secure digital document storage, it’s time you made your life easier