Why ContractSafe Wins

Streamlined, affordable contract management without the overwhelming bells and whistles. See how ContractSafe stacks up.

ContractSafe vs Contractbook

ContractSafe vs Contractbook

Customers prefer ContractSafe across the board. It's easier to set up and easier to use. Plus, customers love our transparent pricing and free trial to see it for yourself.

Both solutions offer unlimited users, so you'll need to make sure it's easy to manage and support them. 

ContractSafe vs ContractWorks

Customers prefer ContractSafe because we make it easy to collaborate on contracts to get work done.

While both tools offer unlimited users, ContractSafe custom permissions make it easy for everyone in your organization to access exactly what they need.

Plus, you can send email alerts and reminders to anyone in or out of your team, even if they aren't users.

ContractSafe vs ContractWorks wht

ContractSafe vs. Ironclad

Ironclad is a robust tool that comes with a lot of bells and whistles. But their features are clunky and harder to use, so customers are much less likely to recommend them.

ContractSafe has all the features small to mid-sized business actually need in their contract management software at an affordable price that makes it a great value.

ContractSafe vs. Cobblestone

Users report that getting started with Cobblestone is a hassle. It's not intuitive and there are a lot of manual processes.

A new tool is only helpful if people use it. ContractSafe makes it easy for users across the organization to adopt a new contract management tool.

Cobblestone offers services to get their tool up and running, but usually at an additional cost.

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“I couldn't believe we were already up and running in just 30 mins

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