How Do Contract Management Solutions Reduce Costs?

Randy Bishop | May 24, 2018


Many professionals deal with contract management and its many benefits on a daily basis. However, some people have had less exposure to the concept, and “contract management” is a term that has little real meaning. That’s completely understandable, given the rapid pace of technological change.

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What Makes a Contract Legally Enforceable?

Randy Bishop | May 22, 2018

If you’ve signed many contracts in your life, chances are you’ve seen some real doozies. Some contracts can be dozens, or even hundreds, of pages long. Think about a lease agreement you signed, or all the documents you reviewed at the closing on a real estate purchase. Or maybe you’ve had the misfortune of being asked to read a business agreement chock full of definitions and awkward-sounding paragraphs filled with legalese. Or perhaps you deal with your company’s contracts on a daily basis and we’re preaching to the choir. At any rate, even lawyers, in the middle of reviewing a complicated contract, are sometimes forced to fight off sleep and boredom by grabbing another cup of coffee and starting over from the beginning.

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How Do You Protect Data in the Cloud?

Randy Bishop | May 15, 2018

The concept of security is ubiquitous in our lives. We lock our homes and cars, and sometimes add electronic security monitoring systems to them. We keep cash, smart phones, and other valuables close at hand to protect them from thieves. Businesses hire guards and install cameras and other elaborate security measures to thwart theft. After all, if something has value, there is often someone unprincipled enough to try to take it.

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Six Things You Didn't Know About the History of Contracts

Randy Bishop | May 11, 2018

Unless you're a contract law attorney, you probably don't lie awake at night asking yourself what a contract is. But in our modern economy, we live in a world that is, in many ways, defined by contracts.

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Six Ways Cloud-Based Tools Can Make Contract Management Easier

Randy Bishop | May 07, 2018

Do you sometimes feel like you’re falling further and further behind the technological revolution as the rest of the world speeds up? Certainly, for a lot of us, technological innovation seems to keep occurring at a faster and faster pace. The truth is, such feelings are accurate, because technology is growing exponentially. A perfect example is the rise of cloud-based technology.

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Agreement vs. Contract: What’s the Difference?

Ken Button | May 01, 2018

We hear people talk about agreements and contracts all the time. Many people, even lawyers, sometimes use these words interchangeably. But are they the same thing? If not, what’s the difference? In this article, we will explore the difference between agreements and contracts.

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Our latest improvements...

Ken Button | April 30, 2018

We're excited to announce a few big improvements to ContractSafe.

Faster Filtering/Sorting/Searching

We significantly upgraded the filtering, sorting, and searching functions so that they will work much more quickly with lots of documents.  Want... 

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What Contract Managers Need to Know About GDPR

Randy Bishop | April 27, 2018

Data is a hot topic these days, and  often in a bad way. Think about all the massive breaches, like at Yahoo, where 3 billion accounts were compromised or Equifax which yielded up the Social Security numbers of 143 million customers. Then there’s the recent accusations of Cambridge Analytica using data it has collected for things it didn’t inform people it was going to use it for, namely the hyper-targeting of individuals for political ads.

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Debunking the Greatest Myths Surrounding Contract Management

Randy Bishop | April 17, 2018

There are many angles from which one might view the concept of contract management. For example, contract management can help increase revenue, control spending, promote regulatory compliance, and reduce costs. Common sense tells us that improving the effectiveness of any process, when done in a financially responsible way, is a worthwhile business endeavor.

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Contract Management Basics: Preventing Revenue Loss

Randy Bishop | April 14, 2018

Even in our personal lives, most of us engage in at least a rudimentary form of contract management. Perhaps you have an old metal file cabinet with neatly labeled file folders containing contracts ranging from a lease agreement, to an automobile purchase agreement, to months of utility bills. Or, perhaps you’ve gone digital by scanning and storing your personal documents. Some people, on the other hand, have important papers scattered across multiple locations, shoved in kitchen drawers, or lurking in their car’s glove compartment, all with little organization.

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