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How In-House General Counsels Can Use Automated Alerts and Automation to Drive Down Renewal Costs and Risks

As an in-house general counsel, you have a lot to keep tabs on — from new and changing laws (and how best to navigate those laws) to contract renewal...

Ask and You Shall Receive: Find What You Need in Any Contract

It shouldn’t be easier to find the answer to ‘Who is the smartest person in the world?’ than it is to find a certain piece of data in a contract....

Contract Management Reports for Your Healthcare Organization

Contract management reports provide data for analyzing everything from compliance, budgets, and finances — to project bids, vendor relationships, and...

The Procurement Manager’s Guide to Vendor Contract Management

Managing vendor contracts and relationships is an often-underappreciated balancing act that procurement managers face.

Calculate Your Company's ROI for Contract Management Software [Guide + Calculator]


Kick These 6 Contract Management Challenges to the Curb

Contract Lifecycle Management Challenges and Solutions

Do you love motivational quotes and posters featuring adorable kittens “hanging in there”?...

Contract Management & Procurement: Two Peas in a Tech-Heavy Pod

What Is Contract Management in Procurement?

Procurement teams are critical for any organization, and because they are responsible for contract...

The ‘Do This, Not That’ of Contract Tracking

“Mo’ money, mo’ problems.”

Healthcare Contract Compliance: How to Perform an Audit

You already know how important it is to keep on top of contracts. As a healthcare facility, getting contracts properly signed and implemented is...

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