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Practices and institutions of all sizes benefit from simple, affordable healthcare contract software. Gain total visibility into dates and deadlines with one platform that’s easy for the full team to use. Operate with confidence that your contracts are secure, compliant and fully auditable. 

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Relief for healthcare’s high-pressure contract crunch

Increase accessibility without sacrificing compliance

Healthcare institutions are challenged to manage operational costs while constantly innovating patient care – all on the backdrop of a complex regulatory environment and high staff turnover. At least your contract management can be simple. 

Healthcare’s favorite features & benefits


Security and compliance

ContractSafe is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant.  Custom roles and permissions restrict access to designated individuals. Dashboards, reports, and audit trails provide transparency into contract history on demand.


Easy organization

OCR makes it easy to search scanned documents for key information while [AI]ssistant automatically pulls key contract details to automate the most time-consuming phases of the contract lifecycle.


Visibility and ease of use

Help users in every department find exactly what they are looking for, instantly. Thanks to intuitive, Google-like search, you can quickly find clauses, contracts or related documents all in one place.



Total date tracking

Track and set unlimited alerts for relevant dates on all of your contracts. Automatic notifications reduce expensive human errors and save time. You can even create views to see key dates by location or other filters. 



ContractSafe fits seamlessly into your existing employee, patient and vendor contracting processes. It easily integrates with tools you’re already using, like DocuSign, Zapier and Salesforce. 


Customer Support

Our best-in-class customer support covers everything from initial platform integration and customized training sessions to long-term troubleshooting and strategic contract planning at no additional cost.

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    “I LOVE ContractSafe! Other "solutions" are too big, expensive and cumbersome. Customizing ContractSafe is so simple and I get just what I need the moment I need it. I no longer need budget dollars and months to make a change that improves efficacy, visibility, or compliance. I've been a professional contract administrator for nearly 20 years, implemented at least 6 other contract management systems, and I'm always impressed by ContractSafe's ease of use and immediate and helpful customer service (which is rarely needed.)”
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    Colleen M.
    Contract Compliance Officer, Hospital & Health Care
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    “As a hospital, we need software that keeps us in compliance with regulations…I like the AI feature and the ease of use. The software is very intuitive and easy to use and learn.”
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    Bernie A.
    Administrator and COO, Hospital & Health Care
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    “This was very easy to implement and integrate with other systems we use. It's also very easy to maintain. I use the document search feature a lot and find it really useful. The software is intuitive and I can add users who benefit immediately - without having to onboard them and train them on the software. It's amazingly versatile and has exceeded my expectations all the way around.”
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    Anna C.
    General Counsel, Hospital & Health Care

Learn more about Healthcare Contract Management Software

Centralize healthcare contracts, improve efficiency, and maintain compliance, all within a secure, simple platform.

Simplify the Healthcare Contract Lifecycle

Effective search tools, a centralized repository, full date management and state-of-the art security are the keys to improving the efficiency of your contract management lifecycle. Healthcare organizations that use ContractSafe's powerful contract software will benefit from the ability to locate documents up to six times faster. Our platform enables you to streamline contract reviews across departments, while storing documents in a secure platform that is compliant with healthcare industry regulation. The end result: more productivity and less risk.

A Compliant Central Contract Repository

ContractSafe's healthcare contract management software can serve as a centralized storage point for all healthcare contracts. This searchable repository makes documents accessible from any location while also keeping them safe and secure.

  • Ensure your contract management process adheres to state and federal healthcare compliance regulations including HIPAA, HITECH, and FDA audits.
  • Assign read/write permissions with role-based security features that protect documents from unauthorized internal access.
  • Keep all healthcare agreements encrypted and secure in ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified data centers.
  • Healthcare companies can be a popular target for hackers - protect your data with state-of-the-art intrusion detection systems.

Effective Search & Reporting

ContractSafe improves productivity by eliminating the time employees spend manually searching and storing contracts. Keep all of your healthcare contracts at your fingertips with our effective search and reporting capabilities.

  • Advanced OCR technology makes it easy to sift through scanned documents and quickly locate specific party names, deliverables, or key dates.
  • Smart keyword search (broad and exact match) allows healthcare professional to find exactly what they need in a matter of seconds.
  • Document labels help healthcare providers create an organized, systematic approach to document management.
  • Customizable, role-based dashboards increase visibility and provide each department or care facility with the contract insights they need.

Alert Settings

Customizable alerts are an essential tool for managing risk associated with the contract management lifecycle. With ContractSafe's healthcare contract management software, you can easily configure reminders to ensure renewal or expiration dates are never missed and teams stay on top of important contract dates.

  • Automated alerts can help keep your contract team well ahead of upcoming key dates.
  • Alert settings can help you stay ahead of planned audits or compliance deadlines.
  • Configure daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reminders.
  • Holistic calendar views allow your team to plan far in advance.

Seamless Integrations

We know the overall healthcare contract ecosystem is dependent on multiple platforms, and that's why ContractSafe makes it simple to integrate your contract management software with other tools that support your internal processes.

  • Two-way DocuSign integration allows you to execute documents in minutes.
  • Okta/SAML 2.0 for single sign-on streamlines system compatibility and makes authentication quick and easy.
  • CRM or CMS integrations allow you to seamlessly move documents between multiple platforms.

Unlimited Support

Best-in-class support is critical to customer success. ContractSafe's unlimited customer support covers everything from initial platform integration and customized training session to long-term troubleshooting.

  • Receive support in minutes through phone, email, online chat - whichever if your preferred method of communication.
  • Contact support whenever help is needed with no extra costs or fees.
  • Leverage the support team to hep import existing contracts or to fully integrate the platform into your contract ecosystem.

Increase Productivity & Maintain Compliance

ContractSafe's healthcare contract management software helps hospitals and clinics to:

  • Centralize patient, provider, and insurance contracts across departments and care facilities.
  • Increase productivity across departments and care facilities by automating the most time consuming phases of the contract lifecycle.
  • Maintain compliance with federal and state regulations while adhering to strict data security and privacy standards.
  • Stay ahead of key contract dates - customizable alerts and reminders make managing healthcare contracts a breeze by keeping teams on top of renewals and expirations.

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