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Small business contract solutions

Learn how ContractSafe’s small business contract management software makes it easy for small business owners and legal teams to manage contracts in one accessible place.

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Automate contract management & get more done.

Small and mid-sized businesses need to do more with less.

Small legal teams tend to get overwhelmed with administrative tasks. Make it easier for everyone to find what they need so they can close sales faster and you can get back to more strategic projects. ContractSafe makes it easy.

Small business's favorite features & benefits


Single Source of Truth

A secure, searchable repository makes it easy to find documents fast. Your team can move fast with everyone on the same page.


All Hands on Deck

Give everyone access to the documents they need. Teams work together better with unlimited users and custom permissions.

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Zero implementation costs and transparent pricing tiers eliminate bloat and stretch budgets.  Don't overbuy! Only pay for features you'll actually use.


Faster Contract Creation

Templates and intake forms make it simple to create new contracts. Approval workflows, version control and unlimited e-signatures help speed up contract execution. 

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Stay Ahead of Deadlines

Never miss a date again! Set automatic alerts about deadlines and other requirements. You can alert anyone on your team, so everyone knows what's upcoming.



With seamless integrations with DocuSign, Salesforce and Zapier, ContractSafe integrates into what you're already doing, so you can get moving faster.

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    "As our business was expanding we were looking for a tool to help manage our start and end dates more effectively. Originally we were working off a spreadsheet and manually managing these dates. We have no longer missed any expiration dates and it has saved us a lot of time checking spreadsheets since the notifications are sent directly to managers of the specific contracts."
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    Victoria M.
    Small Business Administrator

Learn more about Small Business Contract Management Software

The days of tracking contracts in spreadsheets and shared drives are long gone. Streamline documents, stay ahead of key dates, and protect confidential information with a secure contract management repository.

Simplifying Contract Management for Small Business

Small and mid-size businesses that use ContractSafe's contract management platform to store contracts will benefit from the ability to locate documents up to six times faster while simultaneously protecting documents from unauthorized internal and external access.


Streamline Documents and Increase Sales Velocity with a Centralized Approach to Contract Management

With a secure storage space and a robust suite of contract lifecycle tools, your small business can be better positioned to drive sales, track vendors, and focus on what matters most.

ContractSafe's contract management platform helps small and mid-size businesses to:

  • Improve overall business operations and decrease the time it takes to close a sale.
  • Stay ahead of contract deadlines while tracking key service and deliverables dates.
  • Ensure business-critical documents are never lost and don’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • Automate contract management and stop tracking documents in spreadsheets and shared drives.

Small and mid-size businesses rely on contracts to govern nearly every aspect of their operations. From customer agreements, service contracts, NDAs, SOWs, and employment offers - the list goes on and on. These documents are critical to conducting business and protecting companies from legal consequences. However, when it comes to effectively managing and storing these documents, contract management can quickly become a draining cost center for businesses that do not have the right tools in place. Many small businesses rely on manual processes (shared drives, spreadsheets) to manage the contract lifecycle; however, this approach can quickly result in longer execution times, lost documents, and security concerns.

Luckily, ContractSafe’s contract management software for small business can help. ContractSafe provides a secure, centralized repository so business contracts can be easily stored and managed from a single, cloud-based location. With effective search and customizable reports, small business operators can easily locate contracts and stay on top of legal reviews and key contract dates, which ultimately creates greater operational efficiency and reduces long term costs.

The Smartest Search & Reporting Tools

Your contract software is the central repository for legal documents across your business, so effective search capabilities are essential to ensure management, legal, finance, and project managers can quickly locate documents and track third party relationships.

  • Advanced OCR technology makes it easy to search scanned contracts for party names, deliverables, expiration dates, and key terms.
  • Easily track customers, vendors, SBA agreements, and employee offers along with key contract dates and deliverables.
  • Label groups of documents and create a systematic approach to managing business contracts.
  • Create customizable, role-based dashboards to help small business operators get the specific contract insights they need.

Alert Settings Help Teams Plan Ahead

Once a small business starts to grow, it becomes nearly impossible to effectively manage contract dates with shared calendars and spreadsheets. That’s why small businesses and contract teams need to have a systematic, organized approach. ContractSafe’s customizable alerts and reminders help small businesses plan far in advance of key contract dates.

  • Assign alerts to management, legal, and sales, so all parties can prepare for upcoming contract dates.
  • Increase procurement productivity by configuring reminders for contract renewals, deliverables, and payment dates.
  • Calendar views give small business operators and managers a holistic view of the contract lifecycle.

Sharing & Role Permissions

Finance needs access to vendor agreements, sales needs to find customer contracts, and managers need to see everything. With Sharing & Role Permissions, it’s easy to assign document access to teams and even control read / write settings at an individual level. With ContractSafe, you can ensure your organization’s contracts never fall into the wrong hands.

  • Manage roles and contract access by individual or team; easily assign permissions with one simple click.
  • Customize permissions to restrict access to confidential documents and information.
  • Keep all teams in the loop with enterprise-wide access.

Seamless Integrations

Document review and storage is only one component of your small business contract lifecycle, which is why we make it easy for ContractSafe to plug into the other SaaS platforms that support your business operations.

  • Sign documents faster and import executed documents with two-way DocuSign integration.
  • Increase productivity and reduce administrative overhead with Okta/SAML 2.0 for single sign-on authentication.
  • Seamlessly move customer contracts between ContractSafe and Salesforce.

Execute Contracts Faster While Reducing Risk And Increasing Visibility.

Many small businesses need to be lean when it comes to spending, but cutting costs on contract management can cost you in the long run. Lost documents, missed expirations, or data breaches can have severe financial consequences for small businesses. To be successful, small to mid-size businesses need an organized, systematic, and scalable approach to contract management. Not all contract management platforms on the market are built for small businesses, so it’s important to find an option that meets the specific needs of your business.

Unlimited Support

Not only is ContractSafe easy to use, but we provide best-in-class customer support to ensure your team is successful. From initial integration to long term troubleshooting, our team is by your side every step of the way:

  • We're committed to being there for you every step of the way. Whether you prefer to call, chat, or email, our dedicated support team is available to help you succeed.
  • We offer platform implementation support, customized training sessions, or platform troubleshooting at no additional costs.
  • Leverage our support staff to help import existing contracts or to integrate ContractSafe with other tools or platforms.

Small business resources

We mind the details so you don’t have to. Dive into today’s most helpful contract management resources. 

“I couldn't believe we were already up and running in just 30 mins

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Contract relief in a few clicks.

With fair pricing, zero implementation fees, unlimited seats and a free trial, you have nothing to lose by diving into ContractSafe. Lighten your load today. 

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