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Hospitality businesses can tap into easy-to-use, cost-effective hospitality contract management software to manage vendors, organize multi-location assets and more.

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Focus on guest experiences, not administrative hassles.

ContractSafe helps keep your business running seamlessly.

Hotels, restaurants and event spaces with multiple locations may need to access contracts at any time, anywhere. ContractSafe lets you organize vendor contacts and manage key dates (including payment due dates) all in a single place. 

Hospitality’s favorite features & benefits


Total date management

Receive user-specific alerts about important contract dates – expirations, renewals, payments, scheduled maintenance and more. Plus, filter reports by upcoming dates.



Find what you need at a moment’s notice with filters and tagging. Downloadable audit trails list changes to records so you can see who's doing what.




Create customizable user-based dashboards  to get the specific contract insights based on user, location, property, vendor, payment date, or any other tag. 


Easy access

Every plan comes with unlimited users, with configurable roles and permissions. This helps empower enterprise-wide collaboration across your distributed workforce.


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Zero implementation costs, transparent pricing tiers eliminate bloat and stretch budgets further. Don't overbuy! Only pay for features you'll actually use.


Security and compliance

With ContractSafe, your contracts and data are secure. We are SOC2 compliant, with document encryption and industry-leading intrusion detection systems. 

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    “I’ve explored other solutions and found them to be expensive and cumbersome. We were so happy when we found ContractSafe. The platform is intuitive, their team is incredibly responsive, and the service offers just what we need.”
    Elizabeth Kruis
    Associate General Counsel, California Pizza Kitchen
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    “Smart Choice! What started out as a means to control hotel contracts and renewals became an initiative for cost-savings. GM’s increased their contract reviews and…found alternative vendors that has lead to cost savings…extremely easy to use and the renewal notifications enable us to make smart decisions. The ContractSafe staff is extremely knowledgable and does whatever is necessary to make the implementation and ongoing operations successful. The application is very cost-effective.”
    Julie Rodgers
    VP of Accounting, Quorum Hotel Advisors
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    “Product was easy to use and understand. Customizations came naturally as you work through the process of uploading and completing contract records in the system.”
    Francis N.
    Vice President of Information Technology, Hospitality

Learn more about Hospitality Contract Management Software

Streamline contracts, licenses, and vendors across your hotel properties - all within a simple, secure platform.

Simplifying the Contract Lifecycle

Hospitality groups that use ContractSafe's contract management platform to store contracts will benefit from the ability to locate documents up to six times faster while simultaneously protecting documents from unauthorized internal and external access.

Smart Search & Reporting Tools

Your contract software is the central repository for legal documents across your hospitality group, so effective search capabilities are essential to ensure hotel managers, procurement, and company leaders can quickly gain insights into each hotel's vendors and their associated contractual obligations.

  • Advanced OCR technology makes it easy to search scanned documents for vendor names, deliverables, expiration dates, and more.
  • Easily track hotel vendors such as landscapers, elevator maintenance, food & beverage providers along with the associated service dates and deliverables.
  • Label groups of documents and create a systematic approach to contract management across hotels and properties.
  • Create customizable, role-based dashboards to help department leaders, procurement teams, and hotel managers get the specific contract insights they need.

A Secure Central Contract Repository

Safely store permits & licenses, vendor agreements, food & beverage contracts for each hotel in a central cloud-based repository hosted on Amazon Web Services. Role-based permissions allow you to segment document access by role or department to add an extra layer of security.

  • Standardize the creation, negotiation, execution, and storage of contracts across all hotel and lodging locations.
  • Configure role-based permissions to grant hotel managers access to property-specific documents, while ensuring company leaders have visibility to all of the organization's contracts.
  • Backup your repository at any time to ensure business-critical documents are never lost.
  • Protect contracts from hackers or cybersecurity vulnerabilities with document encryption and state of the art intrusion detection systems.

Alert Settings Help Teams Plan Ahead

Hospitality groups manage a high volume of vendors across multiple hotels, so tracking servicing dates and contractual obligations can be a challenge. From scheduled elevator maintenance to food and beverage pricing expirations. ContractSafe's alerts and reminders allow hospitality groups to stay ahead of all key contract dates.

  • Ensure property managers stay ahead of schedule by assigning alerts and reminders ahead of important contract or service dates.
  • Increase procurement productivity by configuring reminders for contract renewals, deliverables, and payment dates.
  • Give hospitality leaders and executives a holistic view of the contract lifecycle by property via Calendar views.

Sharing & Role Permissions

Not all employees need the same level of contract access. While your finance teams may need access to lease agreements, individual hotel managers may only need to see documents pertaining to the properties they manage. By assigning user roles and permissions, you can manage risk and ensure contracts don't fall into the wrong hands.

  • Manage roles and access by individual, team or property; easily assign permissions with one simple click.
  • Customize permissions to restrict access to confidential documents and information.
  • Keep all teams in the loop with enterprise-wide access.

Seamless Integrations

Contract management is only one component of your hospitality group's procurement process, which is why we make it easy for ContractSafe to plug into other hospitality management platforms that support your business operations

  • Sign documents faster and import executed documents with two-way Docusign integration.
  • Connect ContractSafe to over 2,000+ web applications, including Google Drive, Hubspot, using our Zapier Integration.
  • Increase productivity and reduce administrative overhead with Okta/SAML 2.0 for single sign-on authentication.
  • Seamlessly move contracts between ContractSafe and your CRM or CMS.

Unlimited Support

With thousands of employees spread across dozens of locations, implementing a new software product can be a daunting task. ContractSafe is not only easy to use, but we offer unlimited support to help drive employee adoption and customer success.

  • Unlimited support however you'd like to receive it - phone, email, or send an online chat from within the platform.
  • We offer platform implementation support, customized training sessions or platform troubleshooting at no additional costs.
  • Leverage our support staff to help import existing contracts or integrate ContractSafe with other tools or platforms.

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