Case Study

JourneyApps saves 125 hours on processing, due diligence and auditing

Streamlined contract management delivers significant savings and operational efficiencies for app development platform.

Impact at a glance

Here’s how JourneyApps' operations improved after implementing ContractSafe.



Hours saved on processing, due diligence and auditing each year

Revenue recovered by fixing billing errors

From improved contract scoping and executing fee revisions

Background Challenges

Lost revenue, limited visibility

As an innovative SaaS company, JourneyApps grew rapidly soon after its founding. However, their clunky contract management was hampering business. Audits took months to complete, and costly billing errors were constant. 

Because employees couldn’t find or access the documents they needed, they missed opportunities to cancel or renegotiate contracts before they expired.

JourneyApps’ CFO Pieter-Francois Theron had had enough.

“Engineers often didn’t have access to the final versions of contracts, which meant they often worked with the wrong scope,” Theron said. “Due diligence was a nightmare because we could not make reliable lists of contracts by type. 

If JourneyApps wanted to continue scaling, they had to fix their contract management.

Fast Facts

  • Industry: Software development
  • Customers: Mid-market to Fortune 500
  • Number of employees: 61
  • Headquarters: Denver, CO 


  • Lost files & overwritten changes
  • Lack of visibility
  • Inefficiencies & wasted resources
  • No tech stack connectivity
  • Manual processes 
Choosing ContractSafe

User-friendly interface and contract reviewing

Theron considered numerous solutions, but ContractSafe’s easy-to-use design and contract-reviewing functionality were exactly what he needed. He was optimistic these features would improve collaboration and help institute a systematic approach to contract storage. 

ContractSafe also offered volume-based pricing, which meant JourneyApps could pay based on the number of contracts rather than by the number of users. 

Implementing new software can be tricky, but ContractSafe’s Customer Success team helped JourneyApps systematize how they created unique contract IDs, making storage and retrieval straightforward for everyone.

Rollout & Results:
Structured contract management at scale

"ContractSafe has been an amazing enabler, helping us automate other processes and level up our ability to manage an increasing volume of highly custom customer engagements."

– Pieter-Francois Theron, JourneyApps CFO

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Improved efficiency

With their new processes in place, JourneyApps saves over 125 hours on processing contracts, due diligence, and fee revisions.


Reliable search and discovery

Powerful search tools make it a breeze for employees to find the documents they need in just a few clicks.

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Widespread adoption

After JourneyApps helped transform their contract management process, employees have embraced the software with open arms.


Seamless collaboration

ContractSafe enables teams from around the organization to collaborate on contract reviews. No one is left out of the loop.


Automated billing

After implementing ContractSafe, JourneyApps now automates their billing, saving thousands of dollars and avoiding missed deadlines.

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Holistic business insight

By creating unique contract IDs, JourneyApps can tie revenue and expenses to specific contracts and better understand their business impact.

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“We wanted something that was easy-to-use, that was the most important thing that we were looking for. We’ve chosen the right platform with ContractSafe and we’ve gotten a lot of compliments. Whenever you roll out any new program, you expect some constructive criticism but all we’ve gotten are kudos.”

"ContractSafe has been an amazing enabler, helping us automate other processes and level up our ability to manage an increasing volume of highly custom customer engagements."

"ContractSafe has been a lifesaver to our company. We finally have a central location to store and keep track of our contracts. Uploading documents is a simple process and the search feature is a lifesaver. Everything is organized and easy to find, and the renewal reminders help us keep on top of any upcoming expiring contracts. Their customer support is excellent.

Margaret Howell Benson, General Counsel

Pieter-Francois Theron, JourneyApps CFO

Donna Yslas Executive Assistant to the Co-Owner World Oil Corp

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“I couldn't believe we were already up and running in just 30 mins."

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