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Search & Reporting


No matter which plan you choose, ContractSafe’s contract management software features are sure to streamline the entire contract management process.




Here’s more information about our search and reporting features:

Keyword Searching Capabilities

  • Quick and intuitive keyword searching.
  • Search for a contract, report, or document by keyword(s), just like you would on Google.
  • Ability to find exact match terms; can search as broadly or as specifically as you’d like.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Pull up the right document with just a few keywords.
  • Creates a searchable index of all your scans.
  • Not only can you search within a document, but you can search across all documents in the database, too.

Sort and Filter Key Information

  • Easily create custom fields and track them accordingly.
  • Report and display key information about specific contracts.
  • Download it into Excel with a click.

Customizable Dashboards

  • Immediate access to the latest contracts, reports, and data.
  • Fully customizable by user.
  • Dashboards can contain as much, or as little, information as you’d like.

Assign Folders and Tags

  • Assign documents to specific folders, making it easier to keep your contracts organized.
  • Drop contracts in their respective folders, or assign tags to group them quickly.
  • Get rid of naming conventions and crazy subfolder configurations once and for all.

See Documents from Anywhere

  • You can access a contract, report, or file from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • With mobile access, you can even view and download contracts from your phone.
  • Easy to stay connected on vacation or when traveling for business.

Get Started Today


These features are each powerful on their own, but when combined in an easy-to-use system like ContractSafe, it means saving huge amounts of time and money. With ContractSafe, you can immediately put your hands on the right contracts, view the right information, and get instant reports. Now that you know more about our contract management software features, it’s time you made your life easier: