Ever wish you could wave a magic wand and have your contracts perfectly organized and easily searched? ContractSafe's [AI]ssistant makes contract management feel just that easy. With [AI]ssistant's fast, fine-tuned, automatic extraction capabilities, you'll save thousands of dollars (and hours!) while making your contracts smarter.




With [AI]ssistant you get:

Automatic Setup for New Contracts

  • [AI]ssistant makes setting up contracts and organizing them easier than it ever has been before.
  • Eliminates busy work so your team can focus on the most important things.
  • Save hundreds of hours annually (& thousands of dollars!) while improving accuracy and making everything easier.
  • All you have to do is upload your contracts and let [AI]ssistant pull important information for you.

Sophisticated Search Capabilities

  • Using OCR technology, [AI]ssistant can read through your contracts and look for key terms – all in the blink of an eye.
  • [AI]ssistant automatically detects the contract name, company entity, counterparty, effective date, end date, and auto renewal information.
  • [AI]ssistant presents this information to you, along with the text it was extracted from, so that you can verify everything before it gets uploaded to the site.

Smarter Contracts

  • [AI]ssistant's fast, fine-tuned artificial intelligence automatically shows you the most important information, and lets you accept or change whatever you choose – like magic!
  • AI gives you the power of effortless organization – you’ll be able to categorize, run reports, find answers, and set reminders with a fraction of the effort previously required.
  • [AI]ssistant always gives you the last word to make sure your data is correct. We don’t enter anything without your approval.

Benefits to Your Budget and Your Business

  • [AI]ssistant saves you thousands by cutting back on administration and reducing errors.
  • [AI]ssistant  makes contract management easy by automatically organizing your documents.
  • Alerts for auto-renewals and termination dates put you in control of your contract's lifespans.
  • Continual updates will add more fields over time to ensure an easier, better contract review process.

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No more wasting hours flipping through contracts to pull out the important terms--[AI]ssistant does the grunt work and lets you focus on the important stuff.  Now with AI, let ContractSafe do the work for you.