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Creating User Groups

Do all users from the same department need the same permissions? Save time by creating user groups!

You can save time by adding all users from one department/division to the same user group. 

How to create user groups:

1) Toggle on "Groups Enabled" (Only Admins and Department Admin can change this setting)


2) Configure your first group by selecting "Groups" 

3) Select "Add New Group" and start editing the permissions!

4) Assign the new group from the Primary Role dropdown for the user you would like to assign to that group!



Note: If you need to change the group in anyway after it has been created, you can select Groups,  drop down to your created Group, and start making the changes from there. 


You can also add multiple users and assign them to the group.  Here is how to add multiple users. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out to Customer Success at support@contractsafe.com.