How does e-sign in ContractSafe work?

Ever wish you could E-sign contracts, but your company doesn’t subscribe to an E-sign service? Now you can use ContractSafe to safely and seamlessly E-sign your contracts.

Signing contracts by hand is a pain.  You need to email it around to a bunch of people.  Everyone has to print it out.  Scan it back in.  Send it back around.  There's a reason e-signature companies have been growing like crazy.  Signing documents electronically is faster, more reliable, and let's face it:  tons easier.

ContractSafe integrates with DocuSign if you have an existing DocuSign subscription.  ContractSafe can link up with other e-sign platforms via our Zapier integration

We also have our own affordable, integrated e-sign option with DropboxSign.

DropBox Sign

ContractSafe has partnered with DropBox Sign to offer an integrated e-sign option that you and your customers will trust.  You can kick off the signing process right from ContractSafe and when everything is signed, your records are updated automatically for you.  Let's take a look at how this works. 

ContractSafe E-sign Process

To use ContractSafe E-sign, you need to have our Finalize or Maximize Plan (which includes the E-signature and Approval Work Flows).  If you don't currently have this, you'll need to contact Sales or Customer Success to ask for it to be added to your account. 

To turn E-sign on, any Admin or Account Manager on your account can go to the Settings page -> AI and Workflow Options and flip it on.  Then just follow the easy steps below!

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Video Tutorial


Click here to learn how you can manually send email reminders or adjust your default notifications

Easy Steps:

1) Just go to any document in ContractSafe that you need to be signed.  If your document isn't in ContractSafe yet, just upload it the way you normally do.  On the Contract Page, just click on Sign up at the top of the page above the Contract.

2) This will pull up a screen where you can enter the names and emails of anyone who needs to sign.  You can even set a signing order (see the option at the bottom) if you want some internal sign-offs before it goes out to a customer.  Once you've entered the names, click Next

3) You'll see a new screen with the contract and on the left are a bunch of fields you can insert on top of the document.  You'll see the name of the first signer in a drop-down.  Just put the fields you want to be included in the e-signature (e.g. Full Name, Title, Signature, Date Signed, etc.) for this signer, and then pull down the drop-down with the name to do the same thing for any additional signers.  You'll see that there are different colors for each person signing to make it easy:

Note: If you select Me (now) you will be able to Auto-fill fields like Date signed, Full name, Email Address, Company and Title

4) Click Next, review the signers, and add any cc's along with a custom message and title for the document.  Each signer will then receive a copy of the agreement for them to add their e-signature.  Important: They do not need to sign up for ContractSafe, DropBox or anything else.  Just add their e-signature by clicking on the link in the email.

5)  That's it!  Sit back and relax.  Once the signers have done their thing, the contract will update automatically in ContractSafe.  The unsigned copy will be moved automatically to Attachments for reference.  The document will be marked Fully Executed.  You're all set!


The icon for E-sign will change color based on the signing status

Ready to start the e-signing process

Awaiting Signature.  This means the e-signing process has been initiated. You can click on the icon to get a status update, or if you need to cancel the signing process for any reason.

Signing Is complete.  You can still click for an update on who signed.  And there is a full audit of the signing process that is attached to the final document. 

Please note:

- E-sign is only available on certain ContractSafe plans. Please, contact your customer success manager to check if your plan includes it.

- Only users with a No Delete role or higher can initiate a new E-sign. 

Please reach out to  for any questions.