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How do I change my Dual-Factor Authentication (DFA) method?

Follow these easy steps to change your DFA method or update your phone number.

When your organization uses Dual-Factor Authentication (DFA), you can use an authenticator application (Google, Microsoft, LastPass, Authy, Yubico etc.) or you can have a code sent via text message to your cell phone.

To change or update your DFA method in ContractSafe, click on Settings at the top right of any page and choose the Settings option:


Once you're on the Settings page, click 'Login':


Then click 'Change DFA information':


From here, you can toggle between a text message to your cell phone or an authenticator application:


Note: If you no longer have access to the phone number listed for Dual-Factor Authentication, please contact an Admin-level user as they can assist you with resetting it by following this guide.

If you need to update your cell phone number used for DFA, click 'Change' and input your new phone number in the text box. If you have a number outside of North America, enter "+", then your country code, then your phone number:


Once updated, click 'Save' at the bottom and you're all set! The next time you login to ContractSafe with your email and password, you'll receive a request to complete the dual-factor-authentication using the method chosen here.