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How do I create a contract with an AutoRenewal?

Any contract can be set up to AutoRenew once the termination date is reached. Here's how to do it.

  1. Visit the Contract Page and choose a contract.

  2. When you're on the contract, scroll down to the Dates & Reminders section.

  3. Click the AutoRenew box located under Termination Date. If a contract is already set to AutoRenew, the box will be green with a white check mark.

  4. If the box is not checked, click the box to set an AutoRenew.

  5. To cancel the AutoRenew, just click on the checkbox to uncheck it.

  6. If you click the box and it is already checked, the box will now be unchecked. To edit this, click the unchecked box again.

  7. A box will pop up asking you what the AutoRenew Term is. Select the AutoRenew Term from the drop-down menu and then select Set to close out the menu.

Set AutoRenew

Watch a video demo. ⤵️



Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.