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Setting Date Reminders

Need to keep up with important dates for contracts? There's an easy way to set date reminders and even set some of them to repeat!

You can easily set date reminders for any future date.  This includes Termination Date or any other custom dates created such as Payment Due, Audit Due, Certificate of Insurance Expires, etc.  Here's how:

From the Contract Page, click on the grayed-out bell above the date you'd like to add a reminder.


The Edit Date box opens and you can:

  • Set the number of days prior to the date to receive the reminder or set for a specific date
  • Have that reminder to repeat for a set number of days after the inital reminder notice
  • Insert the email address(es) of anyone you'd like to receive this reminder
  • Choose to include a copy of the contract with the reminder 
  • Add a custom message to be sent with that reminder

Then select Update.


The grayed-out bell turns to green letting you know your reminder has been sent.


For recurring dates (e.g., payment due, audit due, etc.) you can also set (See below) any date to repeat at set intervals as well as create a Reminder for them, if you'd like.


And, for the Termination Date, you can use our Autorenew feature (See below) to automatically manage the renewal of these contracts.  Another great thing about the AutoRenew feature is that any reminders set will also be updated automatically!

Note:  The Termination Date cannot be set to repeat.


Please reach out to support@contractsafe.com for any questions.