How to Allow Non-users to create contracts via the Templates & Intake Forms

As you know, we like to keep things simple, so we just made it easier to allow Non-users to create contracts via the Templates & Intake Forms via URLs! 

Please ensure you enable and set up your templates and intake form before proceeding with the following steps.

Now, let’s start! 

Go to Settings -> AI and Workflow Options -> Select Add/edit Intake Forms or Add/Edit Templates -> Just click on the sharing icon next to the template/intake form you intend to share

share temaplate intake

A new window will pop up. There will be a link to be shared internally with members of your organization that will automatically appear. To generate a link for external users, click the arrow next to “Share with Guests,” then click “Generate.”

A new link will appear. Use the icon next to it to copy it.

Now you can share this link just copied with the external user and is ready to use. 

For security reasons and because ContractSafe cares about your safety, we offer you a way to limit the use of this new link to people on your chosen email domains.

After copying the link, close the window, return to the previous one, and select Manage Allowed Guest Domains.

Turn ON Restrict Guest Access and write down the domains allowed to use the shareable link to your templates or intake forms. Click Save and share the link you copied with the users who need it.

Please reach out to for any questions.