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How to create custom dates

You can track as many dates as you need to!  There is no limit to creating new dates.  And whether it's a one-time event for a contract, or the same 3 events for every Sales Contract you are entering over and over again, we can make it easy for you and your team.

You have two options for adding and tracking custom dates. 

1) For single instances:  Use Dates & Reminders: 

In the Dates & Reminders tab of your contract page, under termination date select +Add Date to enter a new event and date.  

Important Note: New Dates created on the Dates & Reminders tab ONLY show in the Upcoming View under Contracts.  They can not be used to customize any Views on the Contract List (or, to say this another way, you won't be able to add them as columns for display).

Once the box opens up, just enter the label for the event and the date, and click on Add.  You'll then have the option to add reminders (or select whether it repeats).

This reminder will only apply to the contract you are working on.

2) For dates you will be using over and over:  Use Custom Fields:

You can create Custom Dates just like you can create other Custom Fields (Drop downs, check boxes, etc).  They can be combined on a Template with other Custom Fields to make it really fast and easy to enter all the data you need to collect for a specific type of contract (like Sales Contracts, or Vendor Contracts).  

When you create them here, you will be able to display the events on the Contract List and run reports that include these dates.

In the Custom Fields tab of your Contract Page, select Edit Custom Fields, or from Settings, select Custom Fields & Templates.  

Enter the name of the new date at the bottom where it says "field name" and select +new. 

Under Field Type, select Date. 

Once the field has been created, just add it to an existing Template the way you would any other Custom Fields.  Click over to Templates and either select an existing template or create a new one:

Then just find the new date(s) you created and add them to the Template by checking the box.

Your team will now be able to enter dates for this type of contract whenever they are setting up new contracts in ContractSafe:

As you can see, you can set reminders up right from the template.  Best of all, when a date is entered, the date and event will also show up on the Dates & Reminders Page for reference.

If you have any questions about this or would like some help in setting these up, please reach out to our Customer Success Team at support@contractsafe.com.