How to select a ContractSafe Folder for DocuSign Documents

Do you want your DocuSign document to land in a specific folder instead of the Uncategorized folder?

You can quickly and easily select a folder for your DocuSign documents to land in. 

Note: You will need to have Administrative access for DocuSign.  Or know someone who does! Your DocuSign-ContractSafe integration should already be enabled (here's a guide to doing this). 

  1. Login to DocuSign
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Envelope Custom Fields (under Signing and Sending).
  4. Select Add Field
  5. Enter the Folder Information:
    1. Field Name of ContractSafeFolderName (no spaces).
    2. Check Show field to envelope creators.  (If you want to make sure a folder is selected for every envelope sent, select Make field reqired for envelopes).
    3. For Field Type select List
    4. Under List of Values, add all your folder options from ContractSafe that you want used.  (The folder names should be separated by a semicolon).
    5. Select Add
  6. That's it!  Now you can select your folder from a dropdown menu after you select your signers.