Integration with DocuSign -- Two Way

The two-way integration with DocuSign lets you start with agreements in ContractSafe, send them to DocuSign for e-signature, then route them back to the original location in ContractSafe once fully finalized.

You can store draft documents in ContractSafe, then send them out to DocuSign for signature.  You can then set up your signing process as you normally would in DocuSign.  Once the document is fully executed, it returns to ContractSafe and replaces the draft document.  The draft is stored in Related Documents for record-keeping.  The contract is then also marked Fully Executed.

To enable this functionality, you need to have a Professional level account on ContractSafe, and also a Professional subscription to DocuSign.

1. Set up the One-Way integration with DocuSign.

2. Below the DocuSign Connect URL, there is a box for entering your DocuSign account information.  Enter the login information for your primary DocuSign account holder here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will be the default account your ContractSafe documents will get sent to in DocuSign for signing. Individual users can enter their individual DocuSign credentials to send documents to their account.  They just need to login to ContractSafe, go to Settings, then Login, and enter their DocuSign account credentials where indicated.  

3. Click Save and you're done!  Now from any Contract Page, when you click on the options (upper right on the page), you can choose to send a document over to your DocuSign account.


Just send it over and then head over to DocuSign to set up your signing process.