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Can I organize contracts in subfolders?

Subfolders in Windows is the modern equivalent of paper file folders, the old school way to (hopefully) find contracts when needed. But this approach can be frustrating and inefficient. We've all been there, clicking through layers of folders and subfolders only to find that the contract you need isn't saved where it should be. Ugh!

We have a better way! In ContractSafe all your contracts are fully indexed and searchable (yup, even the scans) so you can find contracts and provisions in seconds with simple keyword searching. 

Perhaps you like seeing your contracts organized like they would be in subfolders? And want to report out this way? That's also no problem! In ContractSafe you can Filter your contracts to create subfolders on the fly. For example, you can apply a Filter for a specific Counterparty (e.g., a vendor or a customer) and instantly see all the contracts with that Counterparty. Below is an example. 

And if we don't have a standard field that covers how you want to see your contracts, you can easily use Tags or a Custom Field to do this. For example, you can use Tags to identify your contracts by region (e.g., West, Southwest, Midwest, etc.) and then Filter by these Tags to see all the contracts in a specific region. 

With ContractSafe you can do everything you are used to doing with subfolders, but in a much easier and more flexible way!