What are Ledger Fields?

A Ledger Field is a type of Custom Field that allows you to track the total spend against a contract.

ContractSafe has a custom field type that allows you to track the total spend against a contract in the system. You can use the Ledger Field to capture data such as: 

  • A total authorized or contracted amount.
  • Project spend amount.
  • Amounts listed in invoices, SOWs, or any other spending over the course of the contract.

Contract Management System Ledger Fields

There are additional subfields created with a Ledger Field and they are:

1) Contracted Amount: Total spend or contracted amount you want to spend.

2) Line Items: Where you can record progress payments or invoiced amounts. This will show when you edit Ledger Fields. 

3) Total To-Date: Represents a sum of the Line Items.

4) Remainder: Remaining balance calculated as contracted amount minus Total To-Date.

Remaining balance (Remainder) and total amount spent or received (Total To-Date) are displayed at the bottom of the ledger field section. 

The Contracted Amount, Total To-Date, and Remainder can all be displayed on the Contract List as well if you enable it with Saved Views

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