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What file types can I upload to ContractSafe?

There are lots of file types that can be uploaded into ContractSafe - see below for a full list!

ContractSafe will accept all of the following:

Documents .pdf  .doc  .docx  .bdoc
Images .gif  .png  .img  .jpg  .jpeg  .svg. .tif  .tiff
Spreadsheets .xls  .xlsx

Note that spreadsheet and image files won't be displayed in the Document Viewer, but for all files, ContractSafe will use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to parse and index all the data from any of these file types. This means users can upload an image of a contract and the system will use OCR to transcribe the text so its content is discoverable in search results.

ContractSafe will also accept files up to 75MB. If you have files larger than that, you can use an online PDF resizing tool to reduce the size before uploading to ContractSafe.