What is the difference between one-way and two-way integration with DocuSign?

We offer two levels of integration with our partner, DocuSign

ContractSafe offers two layers to integration with DocuSign.

Sometimes in large organizations, certain teams (we're looking at you Sales!) are not always great at sending in their signed contracts. The One-way DocuSign integration connects your DocuSign account to ContractSafe, and then any time a contract reaches the fully executed stage with DocuSign the contract is pushed automatically into ContractSafe as a new contract.  It's an easy way to make sure you get all your contracts into your central contract repository! 

The Two-way DocuSign integration is for our customers using ContractSafe to store and organize draft contracts pre-execution. It connects your DocuSign account to ContractSafe, and you are able to send a final draft from ContractSafe to DocuSign for signing.  "Push" it to DocuSign, then set up the signing process as usual in DocuSign. Once it's fully executed, it will come back to ContractSafe and update the existing contract record.  ContractSafe will automatically replace the draft with the executed version (and save the draft for record-keeping), and mark the contract as fully executed.

One-way helps make sure you collect all your contracts in the repository.

Two-way allows you to manage the drafting process/sign-off process in ContractSafe, send it out to DocuSign for signing, and bring the contract back to ContractSafe when executed.

For either integration you need access to DocuSign's "Connect API," which is typically included at the DocuSign Professional subscription level and higher.